Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Log Notes Index

This is an index summary of all the reels shot to document the many community education programs of California Musical Theatre. Click on the specific reel numbers bellow to get specific detailed information about each reel.

Reel # 020710
Location test reel. We tested the light and settings at each location prior to production.

Reel # 020717_1
Teaching through Musical theater (TTMT) program. Interviews with teachers who run the program. "costumes on a shoestring"

Reel # 020717_2
Lisa Sandoval Interview (TTMT) Gayle Losch Interview - Teacher who participates in program. At set warehouse. Costume Room at warehouse. ArtsAlive! people arriving to see show

Reel # 020717_3
In the tent for Arts Alive. Inside Rehearsal Hall Dressing Room. TTMT Foot Story Excuersize.

Reel # 020718_1
Interview of Artistic Director -- Scott Eckern. Interviews of TTMT in front of stage. Interviews of Interns -- starting with Arizio Magalnaes

Reel # 020718_2
Interview with Rachel Stivers. Memorial Auditorium. Inside Institute Room -- teacher's rehursing Matchmaker. Warehouse and props. Interview with props director Janne Larsen. Putting on mics -- interns

Reel # 020718_3
Intern Sarah Wolfe dressing Andrew Palermo preparing for Man of La Mancha. Tape ends 4:15

Reel # 020730_1
Location: Sacramento Ballet -- Master's Class. Memorial Hall -- Camp Music Circus. Wide Lens.

Reel # 020730_2
Location:Music Circus Tent -- Camp Music Circus Tour Inside Tent. Memorial Hall. Children's interviews: Interview with Rachel Malinowski. Interview with Parker Murry. Interview with Kristopher Rickman.Interview with Taylor Fode Interview with Magarvey Harvey.

Reel # 020730_3
More Camp Music Circus Interviews Acting class. Music Circus Tent. Rehearsal Hall Dressing Rooms. Memorial Hall (inside). NEXT DAY (7/31/02). Ballet class, teacher Joann Lewis talking.

Reel # 020730_4
Main Tent -- Music Circus Performance -- Sound of Music Performance. 7/31/02 NEXT DAY (same reel) Memorial Hall, outside children arriving. Inside Memorial Hall. Balcony, high angle. -- opening of camp

Reel # 020731_1
Memorial Hall. Camp Music Circus. Empty hallway, kids coming down the hall. Kids walking out of the ballet class. Interview by Rae-Nani. Interviewing Mireille Gutierrez.

Reel # 020731_2
Memorial Hall. Camp Music Circus. dance class Low angle of prop-making. Inside dance class, laughing. Lots of smiles and laughs. Outside small room, singing class. Different small room, speech practice, vocal tongue twisters.

Reel # 020731_3
Memorial Hall. Camp Music Circus. dance class. Interview with Alexandra Whitford by Rae-Nani. Interview with Lauryn Caruso by Rae-Nani. End of day at camp music circus Parents Picking up kids after camp. Music Circus Tent. ext. ArtsAlive!

Reel # 020809_1
Camp Music Circus -- rehersals on the day of performance

Reel # 020809_2
Camp Music Circus -- rehersals on the day of performance

Reel # 020809_3
Camp Music Circus -- rehersals on the day of performance, ext. or convention center, pre-show shots

Reel # 020809_4
Camp Music Circus -- the performance, post show interviews

Reel # 020813_1
Backstage Pass Kids getting interview from Glenn Casale

Reel # 020813_2
Glenn Casale Interview continued. Singing class. Interviews with students Lindsey Stanford and Jennie Reuter

Reel # 020813_3
Acting class, hallway shots, interviews with all Camp teachers.

Reel # 020813_4
Ballet class with backstage pass. Interview with ballet teacher (from master class.) Exteriour of memorial hall and ballet building. Interview with Victoria Plata.

Reel # 020813_5
Interviews with the professional interns from back office

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