Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020717_2

Interviews of TTMT teachers
General notes: none yet.

Lisa Sandoval Interview - Teacher who participates in program
In 0:00 Lisa Sandoval - teacher that participates in program Interview
In 0:00 Lisa Sandoval speaking of first time at program, principal funds program English
Out Drama
In 2:03 Teacher speaking of new games learned from institute she uses for her students
In 2:30 Uses mini-musical, closer view, practices techniques at institute to use in classroom
In 3:45 Idea such as montage, that she uses
In 4:34 Speaking of activites and principal they use as part of their classroom
In 5:40 Was unsure at first but worked in class
In 5:55 Students love games. Keeps coming back for meetings because she loves it.
Out 6:00
Gayle Losch Interview - Teacher who participates in program
In 6:14 Speaks about why she comes back to program and took class to get tools to
In 7:49 teach to keep students interested and engaged to make students love, come back for
Out more tools
In 8:45 Wants to improve self-confidence for kids. Believes in the value of performing arts
In 10:00 Student achievements. Ex ***
In 10:55 ex. Activities
In 11:00 Think quickly on their feet to get kids active and not be shy
Out 13:00 Stopped
At warehouse inside
In 13:00 A shooting a guy painting - Brandon Duff
Out 13:50
In 14:10 Wider shot - closer shot
In 14:10 Brandon Duff still painting, higher angle
Out 14:36 Close-up of hand painting half wide
In 14:36 Low angle, looking up (close-up)
Out 14:52
In 14:52 Front view through table
Out 15:12
In 15:32 Griff talking to Brandon Duff; speaks about his teaching career as drama teacher
Out 16:55
In 16:55 Speaks of hectic 7 shows 7 weeks schedule
In 17:15 Cutaway of Brandon Duff painting (hand)
Out 17:30
In 17:40 Brandon Duff speaking of experience as whole working with and for Music Circus
In 20:10 Long shot of costumes
Out 20:38
In 20:40 shot of kids cutting and working on props William Anderson, Travis Hiner,
Out 21:10 Jennifer Ansen, Sarah Wolfe
In 21:10 Starting on tripod of kids cutting and pasting, discussing
In 22:35 Hand cutaway
Out 23:22 Stopped
In 23:22 Kids making props, joking, laughing, fun
Out 25:59
In 25:59 Griff speaking to kids. Speaking about how they take part in the shows. They get to
know the actors, kids aspire to be actors. *What they get from the internship they
Out 30:19 plan to teach once school starts again (high school theatre)
In 30:19 Sarah Wolfe speaks about how she made connections
Out 31:05 Stopped
In 31:05 Guy painting with hands close up
Out 31:49 Stopped

Costume Room
Out 31:55 Funding focus
In 32:40 Wide angle, close-up seamstresses
In 33:00 Closer, second girl
Out 33:29
In 33:30 Heather Wind and professional assistant looking through costumes
Out 34:20
In 34:35 Woman sewing, 3-shot dress (silver)
In 35:14 Depth composition
Out 35:24 Stopped
In 35:25 Lower angle
Out 35:49
In 35:50 Low angle, seamstress, sewing machines
Out 36:25 Talking
In 36:25 Changing lens. Girl sewing purple dress Jennifer Kirk, Amber Turner
Out 37:22 Table angle close up
In 37:22 Low and high angle Kate Poppen sewing
Out 38:31
In 38:31 Close up of hand sewing
Out 39:30
In 39:30 Kate Poppen, Intern. Interview by Griff
Speaking of sewing for Molly Brown. Intern. Great experience to further theatre
career. Things to take back to school. How theatre works backstage (behind the
Out 42:22 Interview with Jennifer Kirk and intern.
Speaks about different things she's done for Music Circus.
In 44:01 Amber Turner (Intern) Interview
Out 45:20 Speaks about fun in working on costumes
In 45:20 Pink, purple dress, girl sewing, another girl sewing black. CUTAWAYS Between cutaways
In 46:22 Lady on ground sewing hems high angle
Out 46:47

ArtsAlive arriving at Front Gates
In 47:20 Wide shot Arts Alive people arriving in front of front gates
In 47:30 Wrong person to ask, not Arts Alive
Out 47:51 End
In 47:51 Man he saw in Carousel once, Luis Doug Horn
Out 48:45
In 49:15 View of people wait Frank
Club of Spanish speakers, come to enjoy Man of La Mancha, people from all over
Out 51:18 Latin American countries
In 51:18 High angle
In 51:25 Victoria talking to Arts Alive people
In 52:46 High angle of Victoria talking to Arts Alive people
In 53:22 Lady handing out packet for group of Arts Alive people
In 54:46 Arts Alive people walking in to give tickets
Out 55:31
In 55:31 Brad DuPree (volunteer) hanging out with Arts Alive people
Out 56:31
Inside Tent (Empty)
Out 57:15 White balance
In 58:02
Out 60:00

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