Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020809_2

New Reel: Convention Center
In 00:00
Kids rehearsing and working on "So Long, Farewell" choreography
Out 3:05
In 3:22
Practicing and smiling
Out 3:32
In 3:32
Kids chatting onstage
Out 3:59
In 4:00
Kids getting offstage
Out 4:58
In 4:58
Practicing "So Long, Farewell" with piano
Out 5:31
In 6:30
* Singing "So Long, Farewell"
In 8:00
Kid getting in trouble, sad.
Out 8:50
In 8:50
Teachers discussing what needs to be rehearsed
Out 11:04
In 11:04
Girl not getting her part, being sort of disappointed
Out 11:29
In 11:29
Skit being performed by kids. Acting, improving, kids now have microphones.
Out 12:03
In 12:03
Kids rehearsing and practicing
In 14:30
"Yellow Brick Road" without piano. 15:15 to 15:53 good footage.
Out 15:53
In 15:53
Kids onstage going over parts of "Edelweiss"
Out 18:27
In 18:28
Kids asking questions. Shot over shoulders of Meleva and Joann.
Out 19:19
In 19:19
Side view from pianist side to, 20:20* view stage
In 20:30
End of song, Meleva instructing
Out 20:48
In 20:48
Close up of over shoulder of Meleva instructing "Together," teacher talking
Out 22:02
In 22:02
Performing "Together" after
In 24:09
Kids asking questions and Joann answering *25:10 smile
Out 25:15
In 25:15
Interview with Carly Melchers by Griff. Tells her name, likes to dance, wants to learn more about singing, acting and dancing.
In 26:22
*Liked best dancing and singing
In 26:40
Talks about songs she likes. Singing makes her feel good.
In 27:50
"Annie" is a favorite musical.
In 28:07
Talks about experience in "Nutcracker"
In 28:48
In 29:20
*Got a letter notifying her of acceptance to Camp Music Circus
In 29:58
CMC is tiring
In 30:20
Interview with Christen Lehman by Griff. Knows about CMC through her dad.
In 31:00
Speaks about theatre experience.
In 31:45
Likes all of it. *Likes dancing to get out energy without getting in trouble
In 32:33
*Wants camp to keep going
In 32:42
Doesn't get tired at the end of the day
In 33:20
Would tell a friend that it's fun. *Hardwork, but fun
In 33:50
*Least favorite part is going home
In 34:15
*Wants to try to come again next year
Out 34:35
In 34:35
Interview with David Lopez de Avenoza by Griff. Heard about the camp from aunt.
In 34:50
Does a lot of school plays
In 35:50
Likes to breakdance
In 36:33
Would tell anyone interested in CMC that it's a lot * of fun. Learns new things about acting, singing and dancing.
Out 37:26
In 37:26

Runthrough of entire performance with props and CMC shirts. 38:55-39:07 *
Out 39:07
In 39:07
Performance with props and clothes, Music Circus shirts
In 42:00
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Out 44:07

In 44:33
"The Lonely Goatherd"
Out 46:00
In 46:00
Out 48:45
In 48:45
"So Long, Farewell"
In 50:00
"Muddy Water"
In 51:00
Still singing "Muddy Water"
Out 53:13
In 53:13
"Circle of Life" close up in front of stage. End of song, bows. End of full performance, kids go backstage for teachers to speak with counselors
Out 1:00:46
In 1:00:46
Kids asking questions about performance. End reel.

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