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Wolfram Businesses (alt-$)
NY Video Services Company for Business | Medical Marketing Services | New York Video Production Services | Search Engine Optimization and Google Adword Management Services

Past Wolfram Businesss, provides hosted applications for property management companies — I cofounded that company and sold it August 2003. Wolfram and Associates, LLC provided other custom internet application development for corporations.

How To:

Free Sales Training Information — Tips Techniques and Tutorials

My Film Corner (alt-f)
View my film credits. Check out my video production services and rates. See pictures of my video production gear for rent.

My Photo Nook (alt-p)
Once I took some Arty photographs in the USSR and at Burning Man 1998. And, yes, I used to dance and my wife Kate danced too. Kate’s Black and White. See pictures of Kate and I together, our wedding and see select snap shots of my friends from the past, Soccer Photos.

My Dance Den
Proof of me dancing, private NYC ballet lessons that my wife and her friends offer.

Details About Eric (alt-e)
My credits, my chronology, my resume, my PGP public encryption key, my clan and family tree, my golf swing my address, my email address and phone number — it’s all here.

About this Site

Eric’s Links (Alt-l)
Notice of Copyright

Rants Against Scams

Please visit the sites of Some of My Exceptionally Cool Friends


News and New stuff

Medical Health Care Marketing — We started providing marketing services to clinics & doctors.

Empowered UCLA Extension — We provide SEO services during the development of this site.

Irvington Boat Club — We just built this new web site for the Irvington Boat Club.

WPRNY — WPRNY is a video services business that focuses on corporate communications and event promotion in New York City. I started this business with a colleague from CNN.

Web Hits Consulting — I made a micro site to support my SEO services business. — GreenCalculation is a repository for information about renewable energy, recycling and other green topics. It’s a content site that will host a new sales and marketing effort into green products and services.

The Irvington Dispatch — my new blog

I recently advised Kevin Robertson in Lake Oswego on SEO.

I got a new bike. I also got a bike for my two year old. Watch him ride his new Kokua LikeABike bicycle for toddlers — future BMXer.

Dynamic Headlines in Google Adwords – an undocumented feature
Biking on Ward’s Island — I recently explored Ward’s Island on a bike

New SEO Business — I’m excited to add three new Turbo level customers to my SEO Business., and

Web Log (alt-b)– A somewhat infrequently updated chronological publication of my personal thoughts and Web links.
Unfortunate Things — Here’s information on my Stolen Trek 7000 Mountain Bike

Eric’s little Directory of Internet Sites
Yes, I keep my bookmarks and research on-line, not just for me when I’m at my friends house or on my cell phone, but for others like you.

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If I dance naked
before the mirror…
who shall say I am not
the happy genius
of my household?

From a poem called “Ballet Russe


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