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Eric is Webmaster of Many Web Sites

I developed and maintain the following web sites:

My Business Web Sites

Medical Web Sites

Through the course of helping doctors in my business, I maintain the following doctor web sites.

Web Sites For Art Work

I like trading web site development work for artist's paintings and I have a bit of a collection from developing and maintaining these sites.

Non-profit Web Sites

I maintain the following non-profit sites.

What people think of

Eric has meant real growth to our bottom line. The revenue we earn from the traffic he generates exceeds his costs. I couldn’t believe the increase in phone calls once we started appearing #1 in Google. I continue to work with him to improve our internet viability.

Thank you for the great attitude and generous support on the Intel CEO Summit. You were a real asset to the production. I look forward to working with you again.

Eric consistently produces professional high quality work with close attention to detail. He’s a great team player. I highly recommend Eric, he has been a valuable asset in developing our corporate identity through our Web site.