Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020731_1

Memorial Hall. Camp Music Circus.
In 00:00
Memorial Hall, Camp Music Circus (small room, inside). Singing "Circle of Life,"
Out 1:16
In 1:16
piano, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", singing
Out 3:50
In 3:50
Counselor/teacher talking to class and with counselor, kids changing rooms
Out 5:00
In 5:00
Entered new room and now singng "Come Ye," "MacConnachy Square."
In 5:40
Low, over the shoulder angle of Kids singing in small room.
Out 8:09
In 8:09
Piano and kids singing and practicing "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
In 9:40
Singing, kids singing together, then one by one.
In 20:15
Really good smile**
Out 20:45
In 20:45
Hallway, kids peaking out the door.
Out 21:00
In 21:36

Empty hallway, kids coming down the hall. Kids walking out of the ballet class.
Out 22:51
In 22:51
Kids lined up outside the doorway of small room. Done, stopped.
Out 23:44
In 23:44
Rae-Nani, Jerry Montoya and Joann Lewis discussing plans for the day, (*** could be good stuff) what will take place in costume shop and conversing about production. Kids walking in.
Out 27:00
In 27:00
Kids walking into ballet class.
Out 27:36
In 27:36
Kids playing
Out 27:51
In 27:51
Joann Lewis showing beginners basic ballet (younger kids), showing steps.
Out 30:43
In 31:09
Acting class, laughing 31:50*
In 31:50
Playing game (Zip, Zap, Zop)
Out 34:30
In 34:30
More Zip Zap Zop
Out 35:09
In 35:45
Laughing, excited, jumping up and down.
In 37:04
Smiles; playing Zip, etc.
Out 37:40
In 37:40
Dance class 42:30 great shot of girl smiling
Out 43:00
In 43:30
Shot of Parker Murray. Gallops, fun, laughing, dancing.
Out 44:11
In 45:50
In 46:45
laughing, all the kids laughed
Out 46:58
In 47:46
Different groups of kids doing gallops
In 50:10

Kids done with dance class, putting shoes on
In 50:15
Mireille Gutiernez asking ballet teacher a question
In 50:15

Interview by Rae-Nani. Interviewing Mireille Gutierrez. She likes singing and dancing and acting.
In 51:30
Likes to interact with other people.
In 52:30
Laughed, spoke about
In 53:00
Doing a little bit of ballet footwork.
In 53:15
Wants performance to be a surprise
In 54:14
Parents ask a lot of questions
In 54:30
Spoke about prior experience in drama
In 55:10
Speaks about what they do in acting class, the the other singing *
In 55:40
Spoke about something she did in class *she laughed
In 56:30
In 56:42
Laughs again, had to make a commercial in class
In 57:40
Talks about what song she liked best
In 58:10
She memorizes songs
In 58:30
Says she sings, dances, acts and all the activities she gets to participate in.
In 59:30
She likes piano, singing and actng and that's why she wanted to come to Camp Music Circus.
In 1:00:07

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