Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020717_1

General notes: High rato of usable material, both audio and video in the time code logged below.

In 0:00 pre-roll Memorial Auditorium -- Little Theatre
Out 1:00
In 1:00 Sue Metz (lead teacher) speaks about goals of TTMTI (lawn mower in background)
Out 2:00
In 2:00 speaks about what theatre is used for in classrooms; how to utilize musical theatre into curriculum
Out 3:00
In 3:24 how students learn with different types of teaching and about how performing arts are cut from schools; 6 years of program
Out 5:00
In 5:19 Speaks about how program has not changed
Out 6:00
In 6:00 Speaks about people who keep coming back (teachers)
Out 8:20 Speaks about content such as Tableaus, singing and dancing in the classroom
Out 8:30 Stopped
In 8:30 Speaks about costumes and creative methods of telling stories. "Costumes on a Shoestring."
Out 11:12 Students have one minute to present fairytales (artistic creativity)
In 11:12 Speaks to clarify which are students or teachers -- stopped
Out 11:52
In 11:52 Interview with Sarah Anderburg TTMTI (lead teacher) goals of Institute,
Out 14:00 different perspectives. Speaks of Visual and Performing Arts standards.
Classroom applications, how teachers bring theatre into classrooms.
In 14:00 Speaks about costumes on a shoestring, minimusical, Fiddler on the Roof.
14:15 TTMT instructor speaking
Out 16:16 Speaks of excitement of teachers participation. Speaks of standards linking to arts Using books, poetry, to be used in musical theatre, met a variety of success stories Follow up event. Show videotape of what happened in classroom. Speaks of students/teachers in program that put a production and
18:45 Full fledged production! Teacher gets animated about the video that Griff is getting of the student productions
Out 18:54 improvements due improvements dueto program.
In 18:54 Follow-up event April/May bring evidence of effect program has
Out 20:09
In 20:09 Sue Metz and Sarah Anderberg together speaking of reflection - Reflection pulls back the knowledge they got from program and how to apply
Out 22:40 speaking to each other
In 22:40 Speaks of former teachers profoundly affect teachers. Changes the opportunities as teachers participate in what they later have their students participate in; different aspects woven together to change in behavior of students and teachers. A lot of time to prepare. Speaks about Victoria's input, support
27:52 -- two shot of two TTMT instructors -- Looks good sounds good
Out 28:20
In 28:20 Program reaches distances as far as Chico, Salinas, even a one-room school house
In 29:20 Speaks of numbers of schools and small and large districts
Out 30:20 Stopped
Out 30:15 Wide lens; footage of Institute from outside doorway of Memorial Hall, low angle
Out 30:30 low angle, very wide
In 30:40 Through doors very low, not as wide. Teachers speaking in front of everybody
Out 31:15 Extremely wide. Every 15 seconds wide, wider, closer, extremely wide
In Inside Meeting Room For Institute
Out (Upstairs)
In 31:15 Filming different crafts and costumes that Ramona Duran came up with using
Out 32:30 supplies and presenting to teachers
In 32:30 Ramona Duran wide shot
Out 33:00 Wide shot of entire room and supplies on table
In Cutaways of props and supplies and wide shots
Out 35:39 Stopped
In 35:39 Filming "Costumes on the Shoestring" 1 minute fairytale presentation for teachers to perform. High angles of teachers going through props guy was in the way
Out 37:15 downstairs, teachers going through supplies
In 38:45 Teachers going through supplies
Out 39:10
39:12 -- Teacher's rummaging, slightly washed colors -- still usable
In 39:28 Wide shot, changing lens
In 39:28 Wide lens, balance, low angle teachers making costumes for one minute fairytale
39.42 changed white ballance looks better.
3954-40.03 *** cinderella backlit low
In 40:13 High angle, teachers making supplies into costumes, making alien costumes, or insects, foil on head of teachers, fairytale dress, still using props for costumes, lots
41:13 -- 41:32 High concentration of good angles and light.
Out 42:46 of colors
In 42:46 Low angle, very low angle, red, teachers preparing for fairytale
40:34 high angle ends
42 Good props are us sign
42 14 still with the signs, nice shots or teacher's making.
42:39 foreground and OTS shots of teacher making comic costume
43.17 Nice lights and colors/bg of the hall -- looks fun
44:26 One of the Ladies who is later interviewed in the first interview of the teachers by the tent .
Out 44:42
In 44:30 Angle from table viewing props and teachers putting on costumes
In 46:15 Low angle, costumes and teachers putting on props
In 47:00 View of table with supplies
Out 47:12
In 47:12 Memorial entry way. Rehearsing for performance. Rapunzel, very wide shot
Out 50:00 Lots of colors, very funny and silly rehearsing. Room, more props, costumes
50.00-50.55 Looks good -- teachers practicing in costume
In 50:44 Balcony, wide shot of entire room.
51:32 Balcony, wide shot of entire room.
Out 52:52 People up-close rehearsing
In 52:52 Rehearsing with piano in background
Out 53:30 *53:30 Good Shot 3 people rehearsing
In 53:30 Snow White performance - very good, lots of colors, red, blue, Snow White perfor.
Out 56:00 Stopped
In 56:00 Snow White, entertaining and cute
Out 56:45 End of Snow White
In 56:45 Billy Goats Gruff, funny
Out 57:20
In 57:20 Sleeping Beauty, audience reaction as they watch, very funny
Out 59:19
In 59:19 Rapunzel, low angle up to balcony
Out 1:01:30 Done, stopped

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