Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020813_1

Memorial Hall -- Backstage Pass -- Interview with Glenn Casale
In 2:50
Victoria talking to the kids
Out 8:06
In 8:07
Glenn Casale entering
In 10:30
Glenn began speaking to kids telling them how he began in theatre
In 12:03
In 14:50
Talking about how career took off
In 15:15
Talks about how he comes back to Music Circus
In 15:45
Loves Music Circus directing
In 16:15
Directed Wayans Brothers TV show and left to direct on Broadway
In 18:00
Girl who said she wants to do everything
In 19:15
Talks about how theatre directing is better for him
In 20:23
Says he doesn't like movie directing
In 21:08
Still talking about what it's like to direct other things: shows, movies, musicals.
In 23:08
Says to love what you do and do what you love.
In 23:45
Talks about the difficulties of this career.
In 25:06
Discusses difficulities of making a living as an actor, or in any theatre job
In 25:45
In 27:26
Talks about importance of managing time by actors.
In 28:04
In 29:08
Talks about the magic of theatre, guy from Smokey Joe's was out sick
In 33:30
Glen talking about cast of Smokey Joe's
In 34:50
Choose people by their spirit, not just their talent
In 35:37
He talks about how actors must fit their character as a person, not just play the part.
In 37:15
In 38:00
Glen says he was a "mischievous" child, one day a teacher had him come in the theatre. * 39:00 Kids laughing
In 40:15
In 40:55
Talks about how community theatre helps

In 42:08
Backstage pass sign. Talks about how he met Leland Ball.

In 43:46
Talks about what he likes to do most (genre)
In 44:22
Talks about disappointment and pre-judging when he goes to interviews
In 47:00
*Talks about how you must be happy in what you do
In 47:56
Talks about the fun he has in directing
In 48:18
Talks about respect
In 49:00
Smile, laugh
In 49:30
Talks about people interactions, for example his interactions with all people he works with, such as interns.
In 51:30
Says bad behavior follows actors in their careers
In 53:45
Talks about respect, giving respect, being courteous
In 55:15
Talks about marketing and how it will help
In 56:00
Talks about certain directors not respecting all people
In 57:00
Name tag card
In 57:45
Glen talks about his consideration for actors
In 58:50
Glen says the most important part of the business in respect
Out 1:00:00
End reel

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