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NY Film and Video Production

I provide Video Production Services in New York City to CNN, Chait-day, Entertainment Weekly, Field & Stream, Metro News, News inc., and many other companies. I like working with established film makers and, otherwise, helping nice people video tape things. So I also recently started an NYC Video Production Company.

I produced shot and edited this news piece for Click To Play

The Kostabi Show - A game show I edit where art critics and celebrities compete to title Mark Kostabi's paintings for cash awards.

New York Video Editing Services
Do you have a documentary that your working on. Do you want someone to help view and log your dv footage? I'm interested in helping. Lets talk!

"Choosing new approaches with the inherent chance of failure is essential to every creative process."
-- Eva Van Schaik about Juri Kilian in a book called Dancing Dutch.

Promotional News Piece I produced, shot and edited

Example of a Promotional Video that I shot and edited

Video Resume Service -- special New York offer
Want a job? My video resumes can help.

Visit my film and video community site called Read my movie journal that I publish there. Feel free to join MyTLC

Film and Video Sound Resources

San Francisco Film and Video Supply Stores

Video Production and Editing: 1998 - Present:

02/2006-2007 - Kostabi World: Game Show - 52 episodes
02/2007 - Voice of Dance: News Feature 01/2007 - Voice of Dance: News Feature
12/2006 - BearSterns: Internal Video
12/2006 - Voice of Dance: News Feature
10/2006 - American Ballet Theatre: Internal Video
10/2006 - Voice of Dance: News Feature
09/2006 - American Ballet Theatre: Internal Video
07/2006 - Sitrick And Company: Media Training
06/2006 - Metro NY: Metro and Swatch promotion
04/2006 - Sitrick And Company: Media Training
12/2005 - BearSterns: Internal Video
11/2005 - Dance Magazine: Event Video and promotional DVD
10/2005 - Umbro: Promotional DVD
09/2005 - Marymount Manhattan College: Video Press Release
08/2005 - Teen People Magazine: Promotional DVD
07/2005 - Umbro: Promotional DVD
05/2005 - Marymount Manhattan College: Web videos
04/2005 - TBWA Chiat Day: pitch film
04/2005 - Stern + Associates: media training
03/2005 - Metro NY: Bacardi Apple Promotion
02/2005 - Umbro: Don Omar with shoes
01/2005 - Umbro: Fabolous with product
08/2004 - 11/2004: Time/AOL and Entertainment Weekly - Five to Watch Series
12/2004 - BearSterns: event film
11/2004 - TBWA/Chiat Day: interview
10/2004 - TBWA/Chiat Day: pitch film
09/2004 - TBWA/Chiat Day: pitch film
08/2004 - TBWA/Chiat Day: Nextel
08/2004 - TBWA/Chiat Day: Absolute Rasberry
08/2004 - Metro NY: Media Kitchen interview.
08/2004 - Metro NY: Elvis Promotion
07/2004 - Vic's Natural: training video
07/2004 - TBWA/Chiat Day: pitch film
06/2004 - TBWA/Chiat Day: QE2 arrival
05/2004 - Independent film: Auntie Mayham
08/2003 - Independent film: Sagan
03/2003 - On-going: host of community for film industry people
2002 - California Musical Theatre: Documentary
2002 - Short Film: Try Again
2002 - San Francisco Ballet: Documentary - Dance Children II
2001 - San Francisco Ballet: Documentary - Dance Children I
1999 - 2002 San Francisco International Film Festival: Film reviewer
1998 - Web Videos

Published Work

Dance Children -- Big Steps for Little Kids
Aug. 24, 2002 -- We documented the successes of a non-profit arts education program by focusing on the impact it has on one classroom (See stills from Dance Children.)

Try Again
June 2nd, 2002 -- My friends and I had fun collaborating on this 5 minute short narative film called Try Again. View still photographs from Try Again.

Dance Children -- New Steps for Dance in Schools
July 2nd, 2001 -- We provided a window into the successes of a local San Francisco Ballet non-profit arts education program. This film benefits inner city elementary schools of San Francisco because it is featured as the centerpiece in an extensive fund raising campaign for the project. (See more stills from Dance Children.)

National Dance Week
May 2000 -- These four dance training clips were produced by Voice of Dance as part of the National Dance Week Celebrations.

California Musical Theatre
We are documented the many community service programs, which California Musical Theatre provides to the Saramento Area and California in general.

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