Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020718_1

General notes: The Arts Alive shots have good audio and only a minimal of useable video -- it is too dark in the tent unless we throw light on the actor. High rato of usable material, both audio and video in the other locations on the tape.

Interview of Artistic Director -- Scott Eckern
Out Music Circus Tent Subscribers Lounge
In in front of piano,
In 0:42 Griff interviewing Scott Eckern. Scott Eckern says and speaks of how his job is what people he brings in - fits with Outreach and Education
In 2:53 Speaks of how he
3:05 Sound is good. A tad red tinted because of the lights.
In 3:49 Biggest help to intern is to help them decide what to do. Overall experience * 4:35
Out 5:02 challenges and helps them feel better
In 5:02 Speaks of intern experience and input in the show
In 5:55 Scott's goal is to treat interns as a valuable part, give responsibility, no heirarchy, 7:04
Out not looked down upon
In 7:12 By end of 8 weeks, new experience gained
In 7:40 Speaks of benefits of Internship work in all aspects, mics, costume, make-up, props.
Out Assignments given are related to interest
In 9:00 Interns have come back to take on higher positions. Experience as intern gave

Out 9:20 confidence to pursue more *9:20
In 9:50 One intern became Broadway stage manager 10:25
Out 10:43 Success stories**
Compare to interview with props kids (interns) the actors are nice and do not look down upon interns. Good interactions.
In 11:00 Many people in show business now in this area have worked with Music Circus at
Out 12:01 one point or another. As interns.
In 14:00 Wider angle, Scott Eckern speaks of college credits and educational benefits
In 14:00 Reaching out to community, community feed back, relationships
Out 16:40
In 16:40 Brings teachers to organization, how to better teach, how to reach out **18:07
In 18:15 Camp Music Circus, to give experience audience of the future, performers of
Out 19:27 musical theatre. To give better feel for musical theatre
In 19:27 Speaks of different classes
In 21:45 Arts Alive (speaking of ) students come to Music Circus to see behind scenes
22:12 Video is good here -- he's talking about Arts Alive
In 22:35 They do a follow-up conversation, before, during and after of shows
In 23:23 Everyone can and will participate either as professional or audience *
Out Music Circus Tent, inside tent

Interviews of TTIMT in front of stage
In 24:53 Music Circus Tent, inside tent
Wide shot of TTMTI teachers sitting down eating before rehearsal.
Taping rehearsal, ambient shots of rowboat rehearsal
Out 27:11

In 27:11 Interview with Alicia Diaz, Raquel James enjoying TTMTI experience and they are
Out teachers. Tools from institute are very useful for classroom
In 28:36 Raquel James uses TTMTI to try to integrate tools into school system
In 30:27 Alicia Diaz says she will come back and wants to use tools to help not only with arts
Out but to learn English (English as Second Language teacher)
30:54 Interview with teachers front of stage -- rehursal in bg.
In 31:45 Advantages of having a team at Institute
Out 32:35
32:41 Closer -- good sound and light
In 32:59 Meeting people with connections from the show
In 33:40 Speaking of having to improvise with budget cuts in the arts
In 34:40 Alicia Diaz felt burnt out but with Institute felt inspired by seeing other teachers with
Out 35:01 same passion for the arts
In 35:01 Interview with Matt Morse. Elementary school teacher. He came to Institute to find
better teaching methods because at elementary level help is rarely given. The tools
learned from Institute help to bring shy kids out of their shells. Gives kids more chance to shine
35:52 man talking in front of the rehursal
Out 38:27
In 38:27 Interview with Billie Narver. Teaches sign language. Theatre makes commections
Out 41:25 between hearing and non-hearing kids.
In 41:25 Taping teachers, end of teachers watching
Out 41:40
In 41:40 Actors watching
Out 41:50
In 41:50 Actors rehearsing onstage, close-up of actors dancing
Out 42:50
Interviews of Interns -- starting with Arizio Magalnaes
In 42:55 Began as an intern, completely changed major after being intern, worked until end
43:16 *** excellent photography of this interview of sound intern
In 44:00 of summer, following summer worked only with stage manager. This year is sound
In 44:36 designer's assistant.
In 45:22 He is an aspiring performer
45:20 45:52 *** good stuff ***
In 45:30 By working around shows gives him inspiration to pursue his dream
In 46:20 By seeing and working in theatre, realizes all different aspects that come with
Out 47:00 theatre
In 47:46 Music Circus makes him want to stay in country. Developed over four years of
working with Music Circus.
Out 48:19 Change lens.
In 48:30 Says all departments work well.
49 5015 *** Oh, My gosh -- good photography of rehursals and chairs ***
Out Actors working onstage.
In 50:20 Cutaways of actors, piano player 50:20:00
Out 50:58

In front of green music circus sign board
51:04 Stage manager interns
In 50:58 Patty Ramsey Interview Near front gates in front of posters
Out Says she's learned a lot so far.
In 52:10 Actors get her involved in the show. She's interested in directing.
In 53:10 Came to Music Circus to be a part of shows and process of performing.
In 54:09 Plans to maybe come back
In 53:43 Sees future in theatre business, did many different things backstage
Out 56:24
In 56:24 Interview with David Scott
Out Came to Music Circus through meeting Victoria Plata, O&E director
In 57:15 Enjoys seeing all different aspects of preparing the show.
In 58:06 Wanted to excell in a variety of skills. Sees theatre in is future.
In 58:38 Plans to come back, skills learned, names sewing, painting, make-up
In 59:27 Explains other tasks performed as an intern
Out 1:00:41

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