Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020730_1

Location: Sacramento Ballet -- Master's Class
In 1:00
Low angle of dancers warming up and chatting.
In 1:00
Regular height of warming up dancers
Out 2:11
In 2:00
Feet shots
Out 2:00
Balcony high angle of dancers warming up, chatting, girls stretching, guys talking
Out 3:00
In 3:00
Regular height angle, dancers warming up, laughing, more dancers stretching, depth composition
Out 3:45
In 3:45
Dancers done warming up, entering ballet studio.
In 4:00 From outside studio looking through glass
Out 4:15
In 4:15
Inside studio, teacher (Bob Richard) talking
Out 4:35
In 4:35
Low angle, one girl stretching, teacher still talking to students
Out 5:14
In 5:14
Front angle, dancers practicing with music on, no sound for us. Low angle run through. One close up on female dancer.
Out 5:50
In 5:50
Low angle with sound and music on. Run through of routine for dancers. Started with feet, then went to run through * 6:20
Out 7:22
In 7:23
Feet dancing with music run through. Much better at 8:19 Bob Richard wearing an IATSE T-shirt and glasses
Out 8:19
In 8:19
Back angle, dancer asking questions and going over routine before run-through starting with broom, practicing a particular step
Out 9:12
In 9:12
Run through with music and sound
Out 10:16
In 10:16
Practicing a step from the front of room that is a girl and boy step
Out 11:53
In 11:54
Music on, then off, working on a particular female dancer to correct a step.
In 13:17
Joking with dancer as he teaches.
Out 14:43
In 14:43
Low angle from back of room. Run through of same routine with music on, sound on.
Out 15:54
In 15:54
Slam-focus -- along barre. Same angle dance routine with music on
Out 16:54
In 16:54
High angle, balcony through glass of dance routine, no sound
Out 17:55
In 17:55
Inside studio, dance routine, and posters on wall back and forth Ballanchine
In 18:18
Speaking to Bob Richard about
In 18:53
Changing lens
In 18:53
Wide lens
In 18:53
Close up inside studio of dancer and teacher teaching (wide lens). Low angles. Taping from mirror (reflection of dancers, close ups of routine). Taping back and forth from mirrors. In between 20:00 and 23:41 is MTV type shots
Out 23:41
In 23:41
More MTV type shots, close ups of Lanae Rhodes (dancer) and Bob Richard teaching Sara Boggley all black with burgandy top. Kody-
Out 25:19
In 25:22
Run through with music on same routine
Out 26:53
In 26:58
Balcony, high angle wide lens. Run through with music. Stopped.
Out 27:51

Memorial Hall -- Camp Music Circus. Wide Lens
In 28:00
Kids walking into room
Out 28:14
In 28:14
Closer angle of kids talking
Out 28:44
In 28:44
Behind actors speaking, but facing kids.
In 29:19
Behind kids, kids talking and chatting with actors
In 29:44
Courtney Glass, James Royce Edwards. Low angle, so me kids laughing, wide angle over shoulder shot of kids
Out 30:13
In 30:13
Leland Ball walks in late. Shots of kids
Out 30:53
In 30:53
Wide balance, Leland Ball speaking about how to get a part in Music Circus. Some laughing
Out 33:28
In 33:30
Leland speaking about his leaving Music Circus. Kids asking questions.
In 34:15
More questions from kids and Leland answering about directing
In 35:08
More answering questions.
In 35:40
In 36:00
Camera facing Courtney Glass, James Royce Edwards and Leland Ball. Kid asked how old Leland is
In 37:43
Kid asked when Leland's first production was. Question and answer for Leland Ball. Question and answer for actors.
In 40:00
Laughing, asks why he became a director
In 41:00
Speaking about how Courtney and James remember their lines.
In 42:00
Back and forth from mirrors to kids
In 43:20
Same back and forth between mirrors
Out 45:12
In 45:12
Tri-pod on shoulder of kids. James talking about what it's like to work in musicals.
In 46:35
Girl asking about what it's like to mess up in performances
In 47:45
Kids talking about what they've been through in their performances.
In 48:55
Courtney answering about how she relates to her roles.
In 50:15
Kid asked if they really kissed onstage
In 50:38
Courtney talking about educating oneself
In 51:50
James speaking of his experience of auditioning for musical theatre and telling kids to take advantage of theatre classes.
In 53:50
James speaking of kids are special and to use that uniqueness to succeed *
In 55:00
Kids asked if Leland has missed a day
In 56:50
James talking about the range of roles, evil, good and what it's like to play those roles
In 57:40
Kid asked about Courtney's weakest point which she states is dancing.
In 59:00
Over the shoulder of kids back of room Courtney talking about how she makes herself cry onstage
Out 1:01:00
Done. Reel done.

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