Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020731_2

Memorial Hall. Camp Music Circus.

In 00:00
Interview with Brian Temple by Rae-Nani
Out 1:32
In 1:32
Out 3:00
In 3:00
Hopes to improvce acting, talks about difference from this year and last year
Out 3:40
In 3:40
Out 4:19
In 4:25
Is tired at the end of the day because there's a lot of work
In 5:07
He asked Leland how old he was, he might want to
Out 5:32
In 7:10
Says you must pay attention
In 7:40
Says Camp Music Circus is fun and you have to work. Stopped.
Out 8:00
In 8:00

Memorial Hall, inside, dance class
Out 9:45
In 9:45
Kids standing in a circle getting ready to dance to music
Out 10:45
In 10:45
Kids dancing in a circle, having fun, laughing
Out 12:25
In 12:25
Still dancing.
In 13:45
Some smiles and laughing
In 14:30
More smiles and laughing
In 14:55
Good audio
Out 15:40
(song ends)
Out 15:56
In 15:56

Memorial entry way/props room. Low angle of prop-making
In 16:00
Kids making props, talking
In 19:18
Kids playing with props.
In 20:06
Still playing. Two boys swinging sticks at each other (not making contact).
Out 20:50
In 20:50
More kids making props.
Out 21:01
In 21:05
High angle from balcony of memorial entry way, kids still working on props.
Out 22:28
In 22:28
New angle, still upstairs, kids playing with their props, having fun.
In 23:09
Same kids playin with swing sticks with long streamers on the ends.
Out 24:02
In 23:00
Flags in foreground of high angle shot -- kids making props
Out 25:15
In 25:16

Inside dance class, laughing. Lots of smiles and laughs.
In 29:15
*Good smiles, playing smile game. Kids sit in a circle and one stands in the center and approaches the one in the center to make the other smile.
In 32:12
Same game, Mireille Gutierrez is in the center
In` 33:30
*Lots of laughs and interactions
In 35:30
Parker Murray smiling *
In 35:43
*Parker Murray
In 36:00
Lots of laughs and smiles
In 37:13
Class is done, kids socializing after
Out 37:45
In 37:45
Kids talking and leaving room, all kids are hyped up and excited as they go
Out 38:57
In 38:57

From outside small room, singing class.
In 43:52
Meleva Steiert teaching kids how to sing. Kids singing
In 48:12
Graham Sobelmdn playing the piano
In 49:20
Music by piano, hands playing piano
In 50:15
Parker Murray singing Edelweiss
In 50:45
Parker singing again
Out 51:30
In 51:30
Different kids singing solo, all kids
In 54:30
Mireille Gutierrez singing solo
Out 55:52
In 55:52
Different small room, speech practice, vocal tongue twisters
In 58:20
From outside singing, small room looking in while they sing. Parker singing*
Out 59:35
In 59:35
Kids singing, Mireille singing.
Out 1:02:20
End reel

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