Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020813_2

(cont.) Memorial Hall -- Backstage Pass -- Interview with Glenn Casale
In 00:00
Still at Memorial. Glenn Casale speaking. Kids watching.
Out 2:30
In 2:30
Glenn talking about connection between cast of Smokey Joe's.
In 4:56
Speaking of Man of La Mancha show
In 6:50
Glenn talking about
In 7:30
Glen speaking to boy who was in Camelot (Eric Presnall)
In 8:25
In 8:47
Talks about what methods he tells his actors to use to bring more to lines
In 10:30
Talks about what he changed when he directed different musicals.
In 11:40
Talking about different forms of Camelot
In 13:00
Over shoulder angle of all kids. Glen talking about
In 15:00
Wide shot
In 16:40
Talking about how people react to different scenarios; mom whose daughter was kidnapped
In 19:40
Talking about world trade center and how he observed reactions
In 20:36
Talks about maintaining your own human behavior
In 21:08
Says to check your self
In 21:28
In 22:13
Glen is done speaking
In 23:30

Interview with Glen by Griff
In 24:13
Talks about how the arts is the first thing to go in school budgets
In 24:38
Says he really does judge people by their behavior
In 25:23
Advises interns to observe what you do
In 26:36
*Intern was in awe when Glen took him to notes session
In 27:03
Love that interns want to be involved. He started as an intern.
In 27:51
Believes that
In 28:48
Speaks of Houston's program of arts and how he spoke to them
In 29:13
He tries to speak to different schools
In 29:50
*Believes that teachers influence where kids will go
In 30:35
Says teachers guided him all through college
Out 31:04
Still has contact with teachers.
Interview is done
In 31:04
Through door into ballet dance class
Out 35:10
In 35:10
Inside small classroom singing to Meleva
Out 36:59
In 37:00
Smiles, laughing
In 37:50
Pianist advising kids along with Meleva helping kids by telling them what to do when you mess up while singing
In 39:00
In 40:44
*Smiles, laughing
In 41:20
Meleva talking and making kids laugh
In 43:00
Kids singing again
Out 44:43
In 46:16
In 46:40
* Laughing and smiles, then kids sing again
Out 47:35
In 47:35
Girls walking down hallway, talking, laughing
In 48:21
Shot of "No Drinks on Piano" sign with a drink on top
Out 49:15
In 49:15
Interview with Jennie Reuter
In 49:15
Says she's 14, going into 9th grade. Says she likes Backstage Pass.
In 50:38
Talks about differences between Camp Music Circus and Backstage Pass.
In 51:30
Has done community theatre, does musicals, speaks of different shows
Out 52:06
In 52:06
Says she always likes being in the spotlight
In 52:35
She hopes to get more professionalism and get more theatre oriented
In 53:17
In 54:07
Says she really likes what Glen said about being courteous
In 54:58

Interview with Lindsey Stanford
. Lindsey will be a sophomore. Explains differences between Backstage Pass and Camp Music Circus for her
In 56:10
Is interested in picking up more skills
In 56:50
Wants to be an actress. Has done a lot of plays and
In 57:50
Explaining process of script writing shown to her
In 58:15
Talks about script that she wrote with a group for a school play
In 58:58
Wants and likes to dance but can't pursue a career because of bad knees. Interview over

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