Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020809_4

The Performance
In 00:00
Eric taping performance
See program notes

Out 33:00
In 33:00
Kids celebrating, screaming, hugging, laughing after performance
In 34:59
Kids saying goodbye to counselor
In 36:40
Girl giving autograph
In 40:00
Griff talking to parents and kids after show
In 42:15
Talking to Parker and his dad
In 43:50
Griff talking to another kid's mom.
In 45:30
Griff talking to a girl and her mom.
In 46:45
*Mom hopes program continues
In 47:20
*Counselor talking to mom
In 48:00
Talking to Mireille Gutierrez' brother and sister and her
Out 48:59
In 49:00
Griff talking to girl and her parents. Has done many plays
In 50:33
Hugging and talking by teacher, mom and kid
Out 52:43
End reel

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