Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020809_3

Convention Center -- before the show
In 00:00
Counselors going over final corrections for performance
In 2:00
Higher angle, teacher
In 3:00
Over shoulder of kids asking questions. Teachers making corrections and telling kids how to make it better
In 6:07
Asking questions, teachers answering. Kids asking about perfomrnace (Where to be when to start, how to do something)
Out 15:44

In 15:44
exteriour - ext. Outside of Convention Center, looking at fountain.
In 16:03
Policeman on horse.
In 17:50
Looking at different artworks outside Convention Center.
In 18:25
Close-up of sculpture
In 18:40
Outside sign of "Sacramento Convention Center"
Out 19:25

In 19:25
Inside, sign of "Camp Music Circus Live"
Out 19:50

In 19:50
Cut away Rae-nani sticking stars with individual pictures of kids
In 21:28
Good shot of Parker Murray's picture
Out 22:15

back stage pre-show
In 22:15
Teachers talking to MaGarvey Harvey Backstage
In 25:00
Teachers talking to each other
In 25:15
Kids (girls) massaging shoulders
In 25:40
Teacher braiding girl's hair
Out 26:39
In 26:39
Kids humming. All kids in a circle backstage
In 27:20
Depth composition
In 27:41
A smile
In 27:42
Kids warming up with singing exercises. Jerry telling kids to lay back and relax and meditate (sort of).
Out 38:25
* Good two-shot
In 38:25
Kids getting final thoughts from all the teachers as they meditate
Out 43:17

front of house pre-show
In 43:17
Parents coming and arriving to watch performance
In 45:00
Camp Music Circus stars
In 45:30
Good shot, parents/relatives looking for child
In 46:13
End reel

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