Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020730_2

Location:Music Circus Tent -- Camp Music Circus Tour Inside Tent
In 0:30
Kids walking onstage and observing and looking around while Vicotira talks
Out 2:14
In 2:30
Kids walking in different directions onstage
In 3:30
Kids sitting onstage while Victoria explains to them what sign means what and explaining set-up of tent and what aisles are used for
Out 5:45
In 5:46
Victoria explaining and relating what Leland said.
In 6:20
Kids speaking about their observations of the tent
In 7:16
Victoria explaining that the tent is being brought down for a new tent
In 8:20
Kids asking about aspects of tent
Out 8:40
In 8:55
Victoria encouraging kids to become interns and kids raising hands saying they'd like to become ninjas
In 10:34
Wide shot from exit of tent, kids walking up the aisle, toward camera and out the door. Wide shots wider 10:40
Out 11:50
In 11:50
Rehearsal Hall. Victoria Plata speaking and explaining what takes place inside the hall.
In 14:00
High angle over Victoria's shoulder while she's speaking
Out 14:20
In 14:30
Kids asking questions about show (they're interested), Victoria answers.
In 15:30
? Closer shot of Victoria, back and forth from audience. Front angle of Victoria answering students' questions.
? High angle from top of stairs of kids sitting down and exiting room.

Memorial Hall. Interview with Rachel Malinowski.
Interviews are inside bathroom with light coming in through windows
Rachel is 10 years old and wanted to come to Camp Music Circus. This is her third year. She likes to sing and likes art. She likes the teachers. She came from St. Francis. In the talent show at her school, she did a dance that she learned at Camp Music Circus. She talks about the new counselors in the group, and about having the same teachers. She wants to pursue a career in musical theatre. Singing is the best part for Rachel.
In 24:15

Interview with Parker Murry. Parker is 10 years old and is going into fifth grade.
Out 24:35
In 24:35
Second year at Camp Music Circus. He was in Into the Woods and liked singing.
In 24:12 (?)
Listened to the CD all the time because of Camp Music Circus.
In 26:01
*Went to computer camp, but didn't like it, so he came back to Camp Musis Circus.
In 26:40
Likes the teachers because they teach the different aspects.
In 28:00
He had a solo in the school play.He got his first paycheck at Music Circus.
In 30:00
He had a lot of fun. His parents are making sure.
Out 30:24

Interview with Kristopher Rickman.
In 30:38
He is 12 years old, and this is his first year. He loves it. He likes dancing best, and does ballet. He wants to act at NCPAA. A lot of Mmm-hmm, yes/no answers.
Out 33:01
In 33:30
Parents and aunt encourage him to go to Camp Music Circus.
In 35:30

Interview with Taylor Fode
In 35:53
Taylor is from North Carolina. She stays with his grandparents in the summertime. Her grandparents heard about Camp Music Circus in the paper and told Taylor about it.
In 37:50
She was required to write a paragraph. Camp Music Circus will help fulfill her dream of becoming a singer.
Out 38:42
In 38:45
She is 11 years old and wants to become a singer.
In 40:00
She just got into a choir, and tells how she wants to work on her dancing at Camp Music Circus.
Out 41:36

In 41:36
Piano playing, kids singing.
Out 43:55
In 44:12
Low angle. 44:15 -- 44:37. Shot of Rachel Malinowski singing.
In 44:37
Camera at high angle, singing.
In 45:20
Kids laughing at each other.
In 45:20
Close-ups of singing.
Out 47:19
In 47:19
Close up of *Parker* Murray singing. MacConnachy Square
Out 47:50
In 48:16
Kids singing with alive faces, kids practicing singing with a smile.
Out 49:30
In 49:30
Meleva Steiert (singing teacher).
In 49:55
Smiles, laughing, kids singing with smiles on faces. (MacConnachy Square)
In 51:50
Girl chewing gum, boy.
In 52:50
Kids lauging, teacher speaking.
Out 53:15
In 53:24
Inside entry way for Memorial Hall. Interview with Aimee Tablada.
In 53:24
She first heard about Camp Music Circus from going to shows.

In 54:00
She learned how to speak up while acting, and will be doing a school play.
In 54:55
She says instructors help to encourage kids.
Out 55:00
In 55:20
Hopes to improve singing, takes different lessons throughout the school year.
In 56:11
She learned how to have good posture, and how to act well.
In 56:49
She learned how to control her breathing while dancing.
In 57:11

Interview with Magarvey Harvey.
First heard of Camp Music Circus through the shows. Learned how to move to a beat here. Names various skills learned at Camp. Loves to sing, singing helps with bad moods. You must be respectful of all teachers and still have fun. *
Out 1:00:45
Reel is done.

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