Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020730_3

Camp Music Circus Interviews
In 0:00
Interview with Katie Lucas. She first learned about Camp Music Circus through a friend who told her about it.She had to write an essay.
In 0:55
Her parents were excited about her acceptance into Camp Music Circus.
In 1:34
She got to know people who were her age. She is 10 years old.
In 1:56
She has hip-hop dancing experience.
In 2:20
After she attended Camp Music Circus, it make her want to audition for something.
In 3:13
Likes Camp Music Circus for the different activities that take place. She mentioned The Sound of Music. Her nanny liked it.
Out 4:30

Acting class
In 4:24 (?)
Still inside Memorial Auditorium entry way. Doing acting activities, pretending that they haven't eaten in days, are very full, are serious people.
In 6:53
Kids having fun, drum-type music in background, kids acting out scenarios, pretending to be business people, walking in outer space.
In 10:00
Kids screaming, pretending to be happy.
In 10:40
Body language only.
Out 11:14
In 11:15
Really friendly peolple, screaming, laughing
In 12:00
Scared statue, brave statue, happy statue, sad statue
Out 12:34
In 12:34
Same statue exercise but with behind angle, kids laughing.
Out 13:06
In 13:58
Front angle
Out 14:33
In 14:33
Tri-pod, kids sitting, lots of laughter from kids, close-ups
Out 16:27
In 17:00
Side angle, Kids standing up, one at a time in front of a group of kids to act out emotions, acting class.
Out 20:28
In 20:28
Same exercise taking place.
Out 21:53 *22:00 Aimee Tablada (We interviewed her.)
In 23:40
Rachel Malinowski acting (we interviewed her).
Out 24:40
In 24:40
Question game and answer question. Low angle of kids watching and laughing.
Out 26:55
In 26:54
Question game
Out 32:20
In 34:08
Question game still, kids laughing.
In 35:06
New game, audience of kids think up scenario for two kids to converse about.
Out 35:32
In 35:32
From outside doors of entryway looking in. Kids smiling. Teacher smiling while she teaches.
Out 36:14

Music Circus Tent. Rehearsal Hall Dressing Rooms.
In 36:14
A little of Griff Field and Christina Day doing braids.
Out 37:24
In 37:24
Intern Jennifer Anson dressing Christina Day. Footage through mirror. Putting on tights an shoes. Anson helping with hair.
Out 39:35
Intern buckling Christina's shoes. Chrsitina was at Ballet.
Out 40:32
In 40:32
Inside tent. While balance. End this reel, save for 7/31/02 at Memorial Hall. New reel for Sound of Music performance.

Memorial Hall (inside). NEXT DAY (7/31/02).
In 40:29
Not on balcony, warm-up. Kids sitting around in circle and getting up one by one to practice talking in front of a crowd.
Out 42:39
In 42:40
Not very good audio. Same exercise.
In 44:10
In 46:25
Another smile, more footage of warm-up.
Out 48:00
In 48:00
Magarvey harvey smiled and hugged his friend.
Out 48:45
In 48:45

Ballet class, teacher Joann Lewis talking.
In 51:30
Starting ballet warm-up, kid playing around
Out 52:40
In 53:27
Music, kids doing ballet warm-up. Low angle and close-up, from front angle.
Out 56:36
In 56:00
All the hand movements.
Out 56:36
In 56:36
Out 58:59
In 59:15
Lower angle, feet again.
Out 1:01:04
End reel.

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