Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020813_4

At Sacramento Ballet. Kids practicing ballet
In 00:00
At Sacramento Ballet. Kids practicing ballet, view from outside studio
Out 1:00
In 1:00
Inside studio, kids practicing
In 2:20
Bob Richard instructing kids on ballet step
Out 5:18
In 5:18
Wide shot of entire group of kids dancing without music and with music
In 7:52
Bob coaching and teaching new step
In 9:44
Tripod, low, kids dancing and practicing steps
In 11:40
Out 13:16

In 13:16
Kids practicing steps as Bob instructs.
In 14:43
Run through of routine
In 15:36
* Smiles
In 15:45
In 17:15
Good interaction with Bob and kids*
Out 17:35
In 17:35
Bob teaching and run through
Out 19:20
In 19:20
A couple of kids practicing routine alone as class watches
In 19:47
Over shoulder of Bob Richardson, high angle. Good*. Giving good advice about making effort and wanting to succeed.
In 22:12
Bob explaining that the real talent make that effort in Music Circus
In 23:11
Joann talking
Out 24:09
In 24:18

Interview with Bob Richard
In 24:45
Teaches on his day off (today) does it to see growth in students.
In 25:32
Loves to see growth of kids and loves to do what he does
In 26:16
Speaking of Lanae Rhodes, and believes she will make it to LA, New York
In 26:55
In 28:00
Advanced class is to raise the quality of technique
In 28:54
Makes sure that everyone is involved and that people need to understand
In 31:00
When dealing with kids and wants to ** bring out passion he sees in kids by teaching them dance
Out 32:00

ext. of ballet building and memorial hall
In 32:00
Shots of outside ballet and down alley and streets
Out 33:05
In 33:05
Shots of Memorial Hall (outside) Some of protestors, cutaways
In 34:51
Sign of welcome to downtown Sacramento
Out 35:18
In 35:18
Interview with Victoria Plata at her office.
Victoria says it is all about arts education program.
In 36:00
Wants people to experience the incredible rush of Music Circus
In 36:30
Music Circus is lucky to have artists as talented
In 38:32
Talking about Glenn Casale and his teaching by speaking
In 39:17
Arts Alive is special because it brings people to the theatre
In 39:30
The complete theatre experience * 40:01 Story of lady's experience in musical
In 40:25
Talking about interns and what she tells them in interviews
In 41:00
Talking about interns and them wanting to come back
In 42:07
Speaking about professional assistants and what they want in Music Circus
In 43:00
Talking about Master Dance class, Leland's idea
In 44:00
Talking about how dance class students are selected
In 44:44
The kids, what they got from dance class is to help them take the next step in career or theatre
In 45:40
When she came to Sacramento, wanted to change the lack of arts in schools
In 46:35
Wanted to train teachers
In 47:07
Talks and describes Teaching Through Musical Theatre Institute
In 47:30
In 48:25
Hopes that by coming to programs, experiences touch other aspects, from teachers 49:07 * to students
In 49:20
*Provides best theatre productions, nurtures audiences of the future, actors of the future
In 49:56
*"Broadway of the West"
In 50:18
*"Believer of art changing lives" says children and kids who participate in program
In 51:12
*Some kids are "exploring their soul" if not pursuing an acting career
In 52:43
Donors who give believe in musical theatre* and without donors, outreach and education not possible
In 53:36
Giving back to community and theatre through donations
Out 54;02
In 54:11
General public doesn't know about California
in 55:30
To let donors and public know that CMT not only has shows, but provides arts and education outreach
In 56:50
Griff talking abou how some of our past interns have gone on to Broadway and other great things
Out 59:38
In 59:38
Victoria speaking of recognition of CMT by New York
Out 1:02:37

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