Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020717_3

General notes: The Arts Alive shots have good audio and only a minimal of useable video -- it is too dark in the tent unless we throw light on the actor. High rato of usable material, both audio and video in the other locations on the tape.

In the tent for Arts Alive
Sound is fine in the tent -- for the most part, the photography is too dark.
In 0:00 Audience walking in, sitting down Arts Alive people
Out 1:40 Low angle looking up at stairs
In 1:40 Cutaway of audience

In 2:20 Bradley Moates speaking to Arts Alive people cut off. Sound check (Bob Sereno) guy isn't done yet
Out 3:00
In 3:00 Footage of Bradley Moates speaking to audience
3:47 Usable, although very dark. Sound is fine
Out 4:00
In 4:00 Bradley Moates starting over speaking to Arts Alive
5:17 Actor starts talking -- good audio -- too dark

7:00 -- 7:15 Start questions -- this photography is usable...
In 7:00 Jeffrey Schecter, Sancho in Man of La Mancha Jeffrey went in at 7:00 From New York, started off at 11 yrs old as dancer. Low angle. Question, audience interaction. Sancho in Man of La Mancha. Woman states that he was fabulous and audience gave applause. Speaks about rehearsing process. Two weeks and show is done. Speaks about future films he will be participating in. Offers advice for young performers. Must want to do it. Continue studies. 7:51 Too dark -- attempting a wide of both the person and the audience. I'm on the other side of the girls
Out 14:40 Speaks of not speaking Spanish
14:48 -- Too dark in the tent Wide finishing
Out 15:20 Outside Tent.
In Looking in while Bradley Moates speaks
15:34 -- 1540 *** Excellent wheel chair shots. ***

Out 14:40 Guy was climbing
In 16:16 Last two minutes filming audience from behind
16:14 wheel chair
1628 16:45 *** wheel chair wide ***
16:55 - 17:05 *** OTS of the audience into the tent ***
In 16:16 Different angles of behind audience
Out 17:33

Inside Rehearsal Hall Dressing Room
In 17:30 Actors putting in costumes and make-up
1740 In the dressing room
Out 19:28
In 19:28 Low angles of costumes and actors dressing and talking to each other. Mirrors in background. Jeffrey Scheckter being dressed and miked by professional assistant Jennifer Kirkham for show.
Out 21:40 Another actor Robert J. Townsend?) being prepared with mics.
In 21:40 Close up of actor being dressed with mic in hair. Close up end.
Out 23:16 Cutaway of actors singing, actor stuff
In 23:29 Done for the day

TTMT Foot Story Excuersize.
General notes: Next Day - July 18, 2002

In 23:35 Memorial Hall white balance without sound
Out 23:59 Stopped
In 23:59 Outside doorway of institute room without sound *24:20
Out 24:30 Teachers dancing and singing without sound
In 24:44 From balcony of room; high angle wide lens. Music in background with
Out 26:10 teachers lined updancing and singing to music in background
In 26:10 Changing lens, white balance
Out 26:16
In 26:16 Same dance routine again, not on balcony, warm-up. Same room, recorded from the
Out 28:23 front of performance. Teachers discussing how to improve warm-up Song: Hey Look Me Over
In 28:16 Teachers telling story using feet and speaking about their story and laughing. Many
30:00 starts Feet story excersize with Teachers ttmt

31.04 Laughter medium shots of teachers
31:40 More Laughter medium shots of teachers Some long shots
Out 32:53 people laughing.

Moved camera to depth composition of the stories
In 34:08 Depth composition. Different angle. Teachers using feet to tightrope run over hot coal

34:14 3430 Close up of feet in depth
35:40 tight rope walking -- teacher's having fun!
In 37:07 Mixture of shots of teachers performing different pretenses using feet to tell story Teachers: Alicia Diaz, Ana Hernandez, Wendy
Out Inouye, Raquel James, Gayle Losch
In 38:47 Good group shot
In 39:39 Lucinda Wok *
In 42:20 Good
In 43:00 Sarah Anderberg speaking after everyone is done and discussing how to
Out 45:34 improve and if any changes are necessary to incorporate into classroom

In 45:34 Still discussing, mainly teachers talking
46:19 tade blue tint, some audio
In 46:50 Cutaway of feet
Out 47:00
Out 47:18 Stopped
In 47:39 From right angle outside room, teachers preparing for another activity
47:43 *** Must use this excellent medium 2 shot of teachers listening -- blue -- excellent light ***
In 50:40 Inside room again, different shots of teachers preparing. Good audio.
In 52:40 Still good audio. Teachers talking, improvising
In 54:30 Group shot
Out 54:56 Stopped
In 54:55 Group of teachers still preparing. This gropup includes Gayle Losch and Lisa The job is to make a pose using props and they
Out 57:57 Sandoval will have a picture taken
In 57:57 Two guys dressed like girls
In 58:51 Picture postcard, good audio
Out 59:08
In 59:08 Laughter, medium shots
Out 1:00:00 Stopped
In 1:00:00
Out 1:01:52 Pull focus, lots of laughter, medium shots
In good shot up to end
Out 1:02:39 End. Stopped. End Reel

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