Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020730_4

Main Tent -- Music Circus Performance -- Sound of Music Performance.
Inside tent, new reel.
In 00:00
Scenes one and two, and first song of scene three.
Out 7:13
In 7:13
"My Favorite Things" -- Maria (Crista Moore) and Mother Abbess (Teri Ralston) *Program will provide log for this footage also
Out 9:21
In 14.25
Leading up to "Do Re Mi" -- Maria (Crista Moore), Liesl (Courtney Glass), Friedrich (Timothy Stewart), Louisa (Christina Day), Kurt (Caleb Salmon), Brigitta (Hannah Mae Sturges), Marta (Hailey Crosta) and Gretl (Camille Totah)
Out 19:54
In 19:54
Scene 5, leading up to "Lonely Goatherd"
Out 27:00
In 27:00
"The Lonely Goatherd" sung by Maria and the children
Out 29:30
In 29:30
Footage and shots of Music Circus Show signs
Out 31:00

7/31/02 NEXT DAY (same reel).

Memorial Hall, outside.
In 31:00
Pictures of outside, kids arriving at Camp Music Circus
Out 34:50
In 35:00
Memorial Hall, still outside. Good audio.*
Out 36:41
In 36:41
Low and wide shots of students gathering.
Out 38:00
In 38:00
Street arrival (kids getting nametags and greeting counselors)
Out 38:20
In 38:20
Rae-Nani talking with Sally Slocum * good audio.
Out 39:06
In 39:06
Rae-Nani and Sally again
Out 39:51
In 39:51
Kids walking up, Rachel Malinowski walking up (we interviewed her)
Out 41:51
In 41:51
Really wide shot of everyone. Kids playing tag.
Out 42:44
In 42:44
Victoria Plata and Rae-Nani Patascil talking. Low angles of kids and counselors. Kid arrivinf to greet counselor.
Out 43:51
In 43:51
Rae-Nani, speaking with someone
In 44:40
Counselor counting and lining up his team of kids and taking them inside Memorial Hall
Out 46:02
In 46:02
Rae-Nani taking pictures of kids.
Out 47:18

Inside Memorial Hall. Balcony, high angle. -- opening of camp
In 47:18
Kids sitting in a circle, getting reaady for warm-up.
Out 49:25
In 49:25
Kids warming up with teacher.
Out 51:46
In 51:46
Still warming up, many shots of Parker Murry warming up.
Out 52:47
In 52:47
More warm-ups, both vocal and physical, some singing, shots of all the kids tongue twisters
Out 57:30
In 58:15
Singing, kids enjoying the warm-up
Out 58:54

In 59:17
Warm-up is done
Out 1:00:00

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