Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020809_1

Inside Convention Center: Performance Room
In 00:00
Practicing, kids rehearsing onstage singing Circle of Life
Out 2:21
In 2:30
Melissa Craib
Out 3:45
In 3:45
In 5:30
Music starts, piano and kids singing
In 7:00
Medium shots of kids
Out 10:00
In 10:00
Kids stopped singing, counselor talking to
In 11:00
Closer of kids onstage, counselors arranging kids' positions onstage
Out 12:06
In 12:06
Out 12:12
In 12:12
Counselor warning kids to be cautious onstage
Out 13:11
In 13:11
Dark, only stage lights, shooting with digital effect
Out 16:23
In 16:24
Acting. Skits, performing song, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"
In 19:25
"When all the world"
In 20:10
Good smile, kids still performing onstage, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with piano
Out 22:35
In 22:35
Diego Munoz Plata onstage
In 24:55
Kids practicing
In 25:00
Piano and performance of "The Lonely Goatherd"
In 26:30
Out 27:17
In 27:17
Edelweiss singing performance
Out 33:56
In 33:56
Kids still onstage performing
Out 37:00
In 37:50
"Circle of Life" with good audio
In 38:15
In 39:00
Meleva (conducting)
In 39:20
Still singing "Circle of Life," some smiles
In 40:08
Out 41:11
In 41:11
Kids bowing, smiles
Out 42:50
In 43:00
Meleva, counselor and pianist talking. Good audio, tachers talking.
Out 44:17
In 44:17
Kids going over lines of skit with counselor (Aimee Tablada, Nora Unkel)
In 45:30
Same two girls still rehearsing
In 46:00
Over the shoulder high angle of same girls
Out 47:00
In 47:00
Front angle again of same
In 47:47
Girls walking away
Out 47:50
In 47:50
Digital effect of counselors talking, going over how to improve
Out 49:36
In 49:36
Speaking with acting teacher Lynn Baker. Talking about emergency understudy for girl who's out sick Interview by Griff
In 50:47
Kids sitting and preparing to rehearse
In 53:50
Piano and kids singing "Muddy Water." End of "Muddy Water."
Out 55:47
In 55:47
End of song. Counselors talking.
Out 57:06
In 57:06
Singing "Muddy Water"
Out 59:32
In 59:54
Problem onstage with kids; problem solved.
Out 1:00:13
In 1:00:13
Kids eating lunch (lunch break) wide shot, audio, kids joking
In 1:02:00
Props on table, close-up, props in the foreground. End reel.

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