Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020731_3

Memorial Hall. Ballet class.
In 00:00
Memorial Hall. Ballet class. Balcony, high angle. Kids jumping, dancing, ballet to music. Teacher teaching and talking.
Out 1:50
In 1:51
Down on same floor as dancers. Kid practicing steps with the help and advice of teacher (Joann Lewis).
In 3:53
With music on, practicing
Out 4:42
In 4:42
One more run-through with music
Out 5:22

Interview with Alexandra Whitford by Rae-Nani
In 5:22
Did plies in dance class
In 6:05
Came to camp to have fun
In 6:40
Wants to sing
In 7:30
Thinks all the teachers are fun, thinks they're all good teachers.
In 8:19
Says "don't be scared," you will have fun. *
In 8:40
Didn't expect to get all three classes (singing, acting, dancing)
In 9:40
Learned "Circle of Life"
Out 9:55
End of Interview.

Interview with Lauryn Caruso by Rae-Nani
In 9:55
Really likes all teachers, all really nice.
In 10:10
Needs to work on dancing
In 10:40
Acting, describes what goes on in detail
In 11:00
Went to Music Circus, really fun. *
In 11:19
Learned a lot about auditions.
In 12:20
Would tell others to come to Camp.*
In 12:48
Thinks Camp will definitely help her.
In 13:35
Recently auditioned for Cinderella and is in chorus
In 13:56
Told her mom she learned a lot.
Out 14:19
Interview over.

In 14:19
Kids talking in groups, laughing. 14:30* Good audio
In 15:00
Still laughing, Parker Murray laughing, good audio. *
In 15:50
Kids playing game they learned in camp with each other, smiling. All gather
Out 16:36
In 16:36
Kids still playing
Out 17:02
In 17:02
One minute of camera running, kids talking
Out 18:05

End of day at camp music circus
In 18:05
Kids sitting in large circle and Meleva Steiert talking
In 19:00
Same shot, Meleva still talking
Out 19:14
In 19:14
Camp Music Circus notebook (binder). Cutaways of notebook.
Out 20:01
In 20:01
Meleva talking and explaining how to sing what part. She says boys need to write down their part *
Out 21:11
In 21:11
Singing "Down on MacConnachy Square." Sounds better. Stopped.
Out 21:46
In 21:47
Meleva correcting.
Out 22:20
In 22:30
Started singing again.
In 23:50
Still singing, stopped, Meleva improvising, correcting.
In 24:35
Singing and correcting mistakes, then singing starting.
Out 24:57
In 25:00
Good audio of singing.
Out 26:30
In 26:40
Everybody singing as Meleva follows along.
In 27:40
Meleva discussing good posture, smiling and other habits to use while singing.
Out 28:08
In 28:08
Runthrough of song without stopping.
In 30:30
Loud singing, kids smiling. *
Out 30:46
Song ends.
In 30:46
Kids talking after the song is done.
Out 30:55

Parents Picking up kids after camp
In 30:55
Kids leaving, outside of Memorial Hall.
Out 31:30
In 31:30
Michelle Fahey. Two daughters, first year at Camp. She read an article and thought that Camp would bring them out of their shells. *
Out 32:40
In 32:45
Knows Music Circus is strong theatre. Daughter's name is Megan Schacherbauer. She is having a good time.
Out 34:09
In 34:09
Pictures of thugs; guys at tattoo parlor.
In 34:41
Girl getting picked up by minivan
Out 35:16
In 35:16
Interview with Melissa Craib. Mainly helps Victoria and Rae-Nani with Arts Alive.
In 36:15
Got job through internet
In 36:50
Speaks of experiences.
In 37:26
* Using her internship to reach gap between internships and career. *
In 38:12
Treated as an employee *
Out 38:52
In 38:52
Daughter is Chelsea Punter, grandfather took Chelsea to shows, she enjoyed. She likes best to meet friends. Favorite is dance.
In 41:00
Girl getting in car and leaving.
Out 41:14
In 41:14
Julie Cline. Kelsey Elsberry's mom. Daughter auditioned for Sound of Music.Knows her daughter likes Camp; she comes home "ecstatic."
Out 41:50
In 42:20
Mom and daughter walking away.
In 42:30
Bernadette Gutierrez, mother of Mireille. Heard from Victoria Plata. Says daughter loves it and talks about homework.
In 44:40
*Thinks it makes children realize how it all comes together.
Out 45:14

Music Circus Tent. ext. ArtsAlive!
In 45:19
Music Circus Tent. In front of Clarion hotel; Arts Alive. Music Circus provides something new for younger kids to experience.
In 46:24
Melinda Gonzales looks forward to the show, is as excited as kids.
Out 46:46
In 46:46
Melissa Craib speaking to Arts Alive people.
Out 47:30
In 47:30
Melissa speaking to mom and son who are Arts Alive people.
In 48:20
Caitlan Davis. Griff interview. She's in Big Brother/Big Sister program, kids are excited, kids do enjoy show.
In 49:20
Music Circus is a first-time musical experience for kids.
In 49:40
Looking across the street at the Music Circus gate. Melissa speaking with more Arts Alive people and explaining how tonight will work
. Out 51:45
In 51:45
Shots of exterior of tent and people arriving.
In 52:50
Melissa talking to Arts Alive people*. Explaining everything about tickets, seating, schedule. Sound of Music sign in the background.
Out 55:57
In 55:57
Close-up of Victoria Plata speaking to Arts Alive kids.
Out 56:35
In 56:35
Victoria speaking Spanish.
In 58:34
Victoria speaking with Arts Alive people.
Out 59:28
In 59:28
Victoria running around speaking. A lot of Victoria's back.
Out 1:01:51

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