Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020813_3

Backstage pass acting. Inside small room
In 00:00
Backstage pass acting. Inside small room, different group of boys in acting class participating in tongue twisters
Out 3:28
In 4:03
A lot of laughing, kids playing a skit called "Yes, and" where they continue a scene (Whose Line is it, Anyway?)
Out 10:03
In 10:03
From outside the room in acting class
Out 10:22
In 10:22
Writing class. Kids sharing stories they wrote and teacher talking. Two girls reading their story then another girl reading her story.
Out 18:12
In 18:12
Kids acting out charades in front of everyone. From outside small room of singing class.
Out 23:44
In 23:44
As they practice some singing
Out 25:05
In 25:05
Four girls practicing a skit to perform
Out 25:54
In 25:54
Singing a song. * Good audio. Shot of Jennie Reuter singing (girl we interviewed).
Out 28:10
In 28:10
Girls singing in class and Meleva and pianist assisting
In 31:30
Out 31:49
dance class
In 31:49
Inside dance class room. Dancing with music in background. Smiles, laughing. *
In 32:50
Good interaction between Joann and kids
In 34:50

Interview with Meleva -- singing teacher
Talks about what she works on with kids.
In 36:41
Her goal is for kids to come away with a sense of success*
In 37:20
To come away with a better knowledge of music
In 37:44
To let them know that the body is an instrument, drinking water, take care of instrument
In 38:25
Talks about variety of experiences
In 39:00
Parents want kids to come out of their shell.
In 39:23
To her, a successful camp is kids knowing more about theatre. Laughed, had a good time. *
In 40:00
Speaks about teenagers and how they fit in better for her.
In 41:14
Speaks about different voice changes
In 41:48
Speaks about quality of singing voice, and how having a beautiful voice is not too important
In 43:16
Teaches that communication is important to be able to understand words
In 43:36
Talks about
Out 44:04
In 45:26

Interview with Lynn Baker (acting teacher).
Says Camp Music Circus has been going well. Talks about differences between younger kids.
In 46:55
Her goal is to teach kids how to be seen and heard.
In 47:55
To teach kids how to have fun
In 48:22
Talks about exercises she uses to help kids relax
In 49:38
Being seen
In 50:26
Still talking about exercises, using drums
In 50:47
*Wants to tap into root of creativity
In 51:09
*To help find emotions to act out
In 51:49
Wants kids to develop confidence and * that they're great kids
In 52:15
That kids can have a comfortable great time.
In 52:40
Theatre helps kids realize that being different is okay
In 53:59
Talks about progress from yesterday to today from coming out of their shells
In 54:40

Interview with Darryl (writing teacher)
Wrote scripts for Camp Music Circus last two years In 55:21
Wants to give opportunity to put something on paper
In 56:00
Talks about first day, and today and want they have and will work on.
In 56:34
Wants kids to leave with an understanding and enjoyment. Consider as ganre for writing. To take it a step, maybe write a play
In 57:25
Saw good humor and creativity
Out 57:40
In 58:03

Interview with Joann (ballet teacher)
In 58:27
Her goals are to healthily respect musical theatre as an art form
In 59:20
Also to understand and respect performers, also for kids to learn patience
In 1:01:31
To get teenagers to break through (coolness)
In 1:02:00
Wants kids to have strong bodies and to warm up correctly and to build strength
Out 1:02:39
End reel

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