Eric Wolfram's Films: California Musical Theatre: Reel 020718_2

Interview of Intern
General notes: High rato of usable material, in the time code logged below.

Interview with Rachel Stivers
In 0:00 Student from McClatchy. Second year with Music Circus. First as an intern
Out 1:00
In 1:00 Speaks of different tasks as an intern
Out 2:15
In 2:15 Describes difficulties and challenges of stage management
In 3:06 Describes effects long and short term experience from costume shop.
Out 3:52 Designs costumes for school plays
In 3:52 Says interactions with costume shop people help her in her own skills.
In 5:09 Describes in detail tasks performed
In 5:45 Meeting people helps her get jobs, maybe even with some of the same people
Out 6:30 she worked with. Stopped.

Memorial Auditorium. Inside Institute Room -- teacher's rehursing Matchmaker
In 6:30 Teachers singing and dancing and music playing in background. As a group, they are
Out performing a rehearsal dance routine. Mainly close-ups 9:30 - 10:00 Mainly wide shots
In 9:44 And medium shots of dancing
In 9:55 Song over, rehearsing play
Out 10:06 Stopped
In 10:06 Rehearsing play, improvising
In 12:24 Still rehearsing, voice/acting
Out 12:30 Stopped
In 12:55 Wide shot, table cluttered
In 13:14 Matchmaker song, teachers singing along and acting
In 14:51 Still as above
In 15:27 Teachers watching
In 15:40 Performers, improvising
Out 16:20 Stopped
In 16:20 Working together, compromising ideas, cutaways of signs in background. (Posters
Out 16:51 of musicals.)
In 16:51 Matchmaker false start
In 17:20 Matchmaker sing along
In 19:02 Still singing and acting along
Out 20:04 End of Matchmaker
Out 20:30 Stopped
In 20:30 From TTMTI sign on wall to teachers rehearsing *pan*
Out 21:23
In 21:23 Outside small room
Out Teachers rehearsing different musical
In 22:34 Still rehearsing, music in background
Out 23:12 Through the door, stopped
In 23:12 Down hallway, back to room down hallway. *pan*
Out 23:48
In 23:49 Three shot close-up of teachers rehearsing

Warehouse, inside
In 24:51 Wide shot, progressively closer, Brandon Duff wearing red, painting props
In 26:19 Wide shot, intern (Jennifer Anson) and scenic designer (Michael
Out 26:29 Schweikardt) walking away
In 26:29 Interview with Nicholas St. James -- 22 years with Music Circus
In 27:32 A lot of years with interns. Wants interns to be confident in their work with carpentry
In 28:20 Many interns have gone on to bigger things
In 28:50 Music Circus is a place to start in the business
In 29:11 Teamwork is essential

In 30:08 They give interns a lot of social time when at the warehouse
In 31:10 ?
In 31:15 Having a BBQ
In 31:53 Different tasks performed by him and interns at the Warehouse. Safety is
Out important, says Nick
In 33:00 Lets interns be as involved as they choose
In 35:00 Makes adjustments to any problems with interns
Out 36:07
In 36:30 Pictures on wall, talking about them
Out 37:16 Ends

Interview with props director
In 37:16 Interview with Janne Larsen, assistant property manager
Out First year at Music Circus
In 37:40 interns work hard, describes what she teaches interns,
In 38:45 Shows interns how to do certain tasks, when building and constructing props
In 39:47 Helps interns learn as she learns
In 41:08 Discusses research needed to construct props
In 41:50 Describes in detail
In 42:37 Discusses importance of props at Music Circus
In 43:08 Shows what tasks the interns are making right then. (For what show, what prop.)
Out 45:54 Flowers.
In 46:10 Discusses importance of making props as detailed as possible
In 47:00 Shows more props that have been made by interns.
Out 47:31 Stopped.

Putting on mics -- interns
In 47:29 Music Circus Tent. Rehearsal Hall.
Out 48:12 Walking into rehearsal hall.
In 48:12 Camera is on stage filming actors vocalize before performance
In 48:29 Actor (male) singing with piano playing
Out 49:28
In 49:28 Jeff Schecter singing (warming up) with piano duet with Michael Piontek
Out 50:54
In 50:54 Ira Denmark being miked by intern Lauren Riehl
Out 52:09 (Dressing)
In 52:09 Lauren describing her tasks as intern. Has many tasks.
In 53:00 Describes specific tasks for Man of La Mancha
In 54:20
In 55:40 Around the room view of actors warming up
Out 56:00
In 56:00 Behind angle of actor being helped by interns
In 58:20 Same actor still being prepared
In 59:40 New actor being prepared, intern putting mics on him, low angles
Out 1:00:00

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