An detailed explanation of Ds-max, Cydcor and Granton Marketing

What do you mean DOOR TO DOOR!?!

Months of just scraping by on the edge of poverty. Not being paid. Losing My Security! Going on a road trip for a company where I have to pay for the hotel room? Why is this person being paid cash daily? Why is my sister giving half of her money away to new employees -- shouldnāt that be the responsibility of the company? Why does my friend live in squalor with 10 people that he works with? Why did Bob turn away from his family when they tried to talk some sense into him? You are going to move across the country with a company and they wonāt foot ANY of the relocation costs?

What kind of outfit is this? How can it be so big? Iāve never heard of it before!

Sound familiar?

Many people who come to this site and do not know what Ds-Max is. Maybe you saw a job posting and you're doing research. Maybe you went for a day of observation, got spooked out and left. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is captured by the business and you are now concerned. Or maybe you just spent a little bit of time with the company and quit -- and now want to know more.

This is an attempt to fill in all the gaps. This is a comprehensive explanation of the company was written by someone who sold door to door for a few different Ds-Max companies over 4 years. This person built many crews, worked in many divisions, helped start many offices, watched offices close, watched divisions start and fail. The person marched around the US .

Everything in as explained in as detailed a manner as possible and all the information is in the 13 sections listed on the right. Each section has three parts -- First a description of how it would work in a perfect world. Second a description of how it goes in reality. Thirdly, some personal anecdotes.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of DSMax, Cydcor, Granton Marketing, and more
  2. The Marketing System
  3. Atmosphere and Psychology
  4. Phrases/Terminology
  5. The Meeting
  6. The Opportunity
  7. New locations
  8. How an office works
  9. Employment ads and first interviews
  10. Day of Obeservation and building a crew
  11. The History -- as it was explained
  12. Head office, leader meetings, Hubs and VPās
  13. The belief system and life

  14. Acknowledgment

The author of this information asked to have his or her name withheld, but the author accumulated this information through personal experience. Here is the conclusion:

"I suffered a lot to be able to pass on what I know to you. When I finished with Ds-max I had $80 in my pocket, was $16000 in debt, had a repossed car and not a place to stay. This was after four years of dedidation to the business. Furthermore, there are many more like me who will never write. I am just one person. I can tell only so many people. More people should know what Ds-max, Cydcor and Granton Marketing are doing to people. Show this web site to members of an affiliated office, a government official or a journalist. If you have a web site, link to this information because linking to web sites helps it appear in search engines. If enough people link to this web site then it will appear ABOVE the cydcor, ds-max or other web sites. Good luck to all and God bless."

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