Ds-Max Phrases/Terminology

All offices have chants and phrases. Some are specific to the office. This is encouraged as it leads to more unity and fun. Each crew is often encouraged to come up with their own slogan or song. Even a poster. There are also many terms that are organizational. I will touch on what some of them mean later.

It is also important to note how these chants, sayings and words will play their part in the organization of the office. When you say a certain word, everyone is trained to say a certain word back. This immediately stops though of other things and gets attention focused on the speaker. For example "juice". You say juice and some one should say juice back. So if someone is running a meeting and people are talking in the background -- the speaker can say "juice?" and everyone in unison should say juice back. Or you can start a chant, and then everyone will roboticly repeat it and change their thoughts. Because saying juice helps a person to stay in the ds-max mode of thought. It is all kind of like the Pavlov‚s dog example. A sound is uttered and then people associate a feeling or response to the stimulus. Pavlov‚s dog salivated at the sound of the bell, when some one says juice you get into a ds-max rhino mode.

Here are some sayings:

  • Juice = Join us in creating excitement. This word is a be all end all for DS-max lingo. It demonstrates how reps are supposed to be in an excited, opportunity minded state. To follow this program, you have to be positive. To get people you never met to buy from you on the spot -- you have to be in a positive state of mind. If someone says "juice?" to you, you should say "juice!" back.
  • Juice by you = congratulations
  • Juice by that = well done
  • 9 to 5 schmuck = some one that has a 9 to 5 job. This person is lazy, has his life controlled by a boss, will be laid off, has no sense of goals or directions and is too secure in their poor existence to try and get a head in life.
  • Rhino = A ds-max poster child. Someone that has a great attitude, can build a crew, overcome any negative, is looking for long term success in the business and can do the marketing system to the T.
  • Impact = A small mini meeting that happens before the main meeting in the morning. A respected leader or someone that is consistent in production, or that did well the day before selects one aspect of the marketing system and talks about that for a few minutes.
  • Meeting = A 10 to 30 minute gathering that happens every morning. The resident owner goes over who did well the day before, promotes people to leadership and talks about something to get the reps excited to go out in the field to sell. It should be motivational. But sometimes they are fear of loss meetings.
  • Day of O = For day of observation. A job applicant. This person has been told that he is going to be teamed up with someone to spend an unpaid day in the field so that they can be evaluated and that they in turn can evaluate the company. It is up to the leader to decide if he wants the person and to be able to convince the person to take the job.
  • "Hey Guys?!" = If some one shouts this.
  • "Hey What?!" = Then everyone responds with that. It is a way to get everyone‚s attention for a meeting. If someone is trying to say something or make a point they can yell out the hey guys and get everyone to respond back hey what. There is a lot of noise going on in the office. Plus, sales men all like to get attention. So this is one way to get everyone on the same page. A good owner will train the leaders to respond with the hey what statement.
  • High roller speech = If you do well in production the day before, it will be announced in the following morning meeting. You might be "privileged" to speak a bit about how you made good money. If you are a good leader, you should think before hand about what you are going to say. You want the owner to think well of you so that you will get a good day of O for your team. Usually this means picking a step from the marketing system that worked well for you, telling a story about how having a great attitude saved you and then finish by saying how you want to accomplish a ds-max related goal like get promoted in 3 months or something like that.
  • Leader = a person who constantly trains people while trying to build a crew.
  • Owner = a leader who now owns their own branch
  • Toast = when a person burns out and quits
  • 5 and 8

Having nothing to say would only be excusable for a new leader -- other than that you would just look sloppy. If you have a new person on your crew -- that is going to be speaking -- be sure to get with that person before hand and tell them what and what not to say! If the person says something anti-dsmax while doing a highroller speech in front of everyone -- expect to hear about it from the owner! If a new person starts talking out of turn up there, the leaders will start clapping their hands and saying, "juice". The negative person will be drowned out by the noise and come to realize that we all think he was done with his speech and to get back in the semi-circle

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