Head office, Leader Meetings Hubs and VPÔs

All these independent offices are running around screaming juice. Some people need to get all the paperwork done. That is the role of the head offices. To my knowledge there are now three, one in Toronto Canada, in Farmingdale, NY and In LA. These offices have show rooms that exhibit ds-max products, conduct tours for member offices, coordinate shipping and product for all the offices and are warehouses for clearance goods. There are offices for VPÔs too.

A hub is usually a woman that does most of the book keeping for an owner. The owner pays about $250 weekly for this service. An owner can elect to go with out a hub.

An owner pays head office only for the goods he sells. (Unless of course it is a Cydcor deal). Also, an owner pays head office a certain amount of money every month for a prepaid legal expense. I am not sure how much it is now.

Vice presidents oversee their organizations and run campaigns. They visit a lot of offices and give great speeches. They teach offices new campaigns. They can always be found at rallyÔs dispensing their advice while surrounded by leaders glowing in admiration.

These are held 3 or 4 times a year. The globe is divided into regions. A big city is picked. In the southwestern US the city is usually LA. New York usually has one. In the Northwest it is either Portland or Seattle. Usually a month or two before owners will start promoting these meeting. Leaders are made to understand that if they miss it they might well be out of a job and the new people are made to want to be privileged enough to be invited. The formula is simple. Fly in LT, Avie, a bunch of VPÔs Have the big wigs of the region present and get all offices in from miles around. A big conference room is usually rented in a hotel. And the masses congregate. Maybe 8 speakers will be picked. They will each be given a topic on crew building or running an office to go over. They will speak for about a half-hour and then turn the microphone over. They also might have a rep from cydcor or granton, or a guy running a new campaign. A manager that takes his guys to one of these rallyÔs will strongly encourage his reps to talk with as many VPÔs and big wigs at these events as possible.

The speeches are filled with emotion. The guys that they pick to speak are all doing well in the company. This means that they probably have great morning meetings to inspire guys to go out and make lots of money! They speak from the heart. They are motivating. They promote the business. They talk about situations that they went through to get where they are. Often enough they tell funny stories. (Lets face it folks -- if you have gone door to door for any amount of time -- you have funny stories!) It feels like Anthony Robbins squared! You walk out of one of those meetings at the end of the day and feel inspired. You are determined to be the next VP. These motivating inspiring meetings had a lot to do with keeping me in as long as I was. I might be having a bad day but then I would remember a speaker talking about something I would feel better.

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