How a Ds-Max office works

Consignment and strokes. Offices sell products door to door. Different campaigns pay varying amounts. For example, this is how a certificate in advertising worked in 2000. (I know the amounts are different now.) It sold for $20. The rep keeps $9. The owner keeps 5. The rest goes to ds-max. Some of that will go to Granton and some will go to the promoting manager. In 2000, this is how an AT&T application worked. A rep signs up a customer for long distance. Then he takes the application in to his office and the office FedEx‚s the application to corporate. AT&T pays Cydcor a certain amount for the long distance. Cydcor takes a cut for itself and pays ds-max. Ds-max takes a cut for itself and pays the owner. The owner pays the rep and keeps a cut for himself. A document bag might sell for $10 dollars. The rep will keep 4, the owner will keep 3 and dsmax will get 3.

With a Cydcor office, the reps are all employees and the owners can tell them when and where to show up. All other divisions are independent contractors. This means they can not be required to attend any meeting. The only thing that an owner can control is when they can pick up and drop off his merchandise. Also, it promoted that if you just want to be a lousy salesman and help the owner pay his bills, you can just take your merchandise and go. But if you want to get in the management program and thereby be well on your way to financial independence, you will attend all the meetings and atmosphere so that you can learn. See the catch 22 here?

Here is a day in the office. An office usually has a reception area, an office for the manager, another for an assistant manager or another owner, a meeting room and then a room where the merchandise is stored under lock and key. (Especially in the clearance division- corporate wants to make sure you have a security system. All owners are encouraged to have a safe because a lot of cash is collected daily in most offices.) The top leaders and owner arrive first. On goes the stereo. It is important that the owner keep the music somewhat tasteful if he wants to retain professional people! (Some young men -- given a chance -- will play nothing but harsh rap with terrible language!) Consignments and merch are prepared. People arrive in the morning, get their order of goods to sell that day and then join atmosphere. If you arrive late it is very much frowned upon. An owner has to be sure about rides and territory and who is getting a day of observation. Late people delay all this; Which means the meeting starts later, which means that the guys get less time in the field which means everyone makes less money. All because a clueless retrain didn‚t want to get out of bed! After atmosphere comes the meeting. Then it is leaders in the office. If you are a new person on your own, head out in the field. After the leaders meeting the leaders head out in the field with their retrains and their days of observations. During the day the manager will do his production reports, cover any bills and conduct interviews. The administrator will be by the phone taking calls. In the evening the guys will come back from the field. Settle ups will happen. (An accounting for what was and was not sold in the field. If you are in a division like clearance or advertising -- your merchandise had better not be in bad condition or be missing -- or you will have to pay for it.) Night atmosphere happens. People that make good money that day will ring a bell and get recognition from everybody. (God forbid you are the leader that did not high five a new person that rang the bell that night!) When all the reps are in and the new people have gone home -- the office closes.

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