The Ds-Max Meeting

To recap, our people have arrived on time and received their consignment of goods (be it boxes of tweety birds or an AT&T book). People have been in atmosphere a bit now -- practice pitching, learning the five steps. May be a leader is at the dry erase board with a marker explaining how to solicit in a high rise building with out getting easily caught (something yours truly was pretty good at!) The music has been blaring all morning and hopefully the owner has good taste. If he is a smart owner he will not let the young kids start playing offense rap music that will alienate the women and scare off his more professional recruits. But that is not always the case!

It is time to get the people going but first they must be even more hyped up.

"Hey guys" some yells out.
"Hey what" the people yell back
"Do you want a meeting?" and on it goes.

First is a 5-minute impact where a leader or someone near leadership will share some knowledge on an aspect of the marketing system. (A little foot note here. In an office that is thriving with many high earning leaders -- competition for the right to do an impact is fierce! On the other hand, you might be in an office that is brand new, or is in a slump and then you might be doing ALL the impacts. Then you feel like an impact whore and just wish that some one would give you a rest. Because what if you had a bad day -- now you are going to go up in front of everyone and tell them how to do it? I have been in both situations. If I have a new person starting that day -- I always tried to be the one doing the impact.)

He will finish with a "hey guys" and then get everyone to call out for a meeting.

The owner or assistant manager will now do a 10 to 30 minute schpeal. The production from the day before will be gone over. He will announce the people that did well. The high roller speeches will be given. Now the owner will pick something to talk about to motivate the guys. It could be about a personal story, a new campaign, success in the business, an inspirational story. Then there is the close. And then it is out in the field.

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