The DS-Max belief system and life

It is financial independence through the ds-max way of life -- or a life of poverty and working for others just to get laid off one day. It is the 9 to 5 people are losers. The mindset of a ds-max guy is on success through the business or nothing at all. To always be the one that hits every door. That gets with all the new people. Who is the best retrainer. The one who is setting the example in the office by hitting the bell.

It is always promoted that it might be between 6 to 18 months to get to ownership. You donāt want people to think it is simple. And for some people -- they do get promoted. But what about those that donāt? I will now give a list of personal observations about what a life is like for a leader that is in for a year or three and is not yet promoted.

  1. They live day to day. Often enough -- depending if they sell or not that day -- will determine supper and transportation for the next day. No sale = a poor supper and working close to the office the next day because you canāt afford to contribute gas or come up with bus fare to go far out.
  2. They live in a merch house. This is a home or apartment where many people in the office also live -- often enough the owner too!
  3. They have some or all of the following: unpaid parking and speeding tickets, unpaid bills, let their bank accounts go negative and unpaid federal and or state taxes. They hope to get to ownership and pay everything off some day when they are fabulously wealthy. But in the meantime their credit is six feet under and they are scared of cops because of the unpaid tickets.
  4. They donāt have nice clothes. They have clothes that make them look professional enough to merch -- but when observed closely -- are worn and tattered.
  5. Their shoes are worn. Often lopsided from the where and tear of walking 8 hours a day.
  6. They need food or money from family of friends to get buy.
  7. Many have done stints living in cars.
  8. They zealously promote the opportunity they will have some day.
  9. They know all the impacts, have met all the VPs and know all about the history
  10. They have had and lost many crews.
  11. They have numerous road trip stories.
  12. They can do almost any campaign.
  13. Most likely they do not have a car. They can not afford it. (Remember they are paying all this money out to retrains and for transportation in the field.) If they do have a car, most likely it is not insured.
  14. They will always retrain someone -- even though they may not know where they might be sleeping in a week.

Guys that give their lives to this business and donāt get anywhere get my respect and pity. These guys have seen more rejection and they keep coming back for more. They have each seen many people get promoted yet they canāt seem to do it themselves. To admit failure is too hard. They know so much about the company yet they canāt be part of it. They know all the good impacts and atmosphere games and how to find the good territoryās. They know where to find the best restrooms and cheap restaurants around town. They have made a commitment to succeed in the business and now they want to make it work.

These same guys can overcome big negatives. They can have a crew toast and then come back from the field and help clean the office. Their parents can plead with them to leave. But they wonāt. Why? Because they have heard and now believe the stories about how successful VPās overcame their loved ones objections and that now they are financially independent business moguls. What do you think some of the top stories are that are given at Rallyās? How a VP said something like "I know you may not believe in this business Mom, but do you believe in me? Canāt you just let me try this for a year and letās just see if I can make it work?" VPās will heroically claim that they might have gotten kicked out of a parentās house for sticking with the business; but now they are paying there parents mortgage! The career leaders latch on to these stories and believe them. They hope to be telling these same stories some day at a rally.

Some career leaders have gotten themselves into situations they canāt get out of. May be they are in a merch house and have no money saved. If they quit they get kicked out of their home and then donāt have a place to stay.

Yet owners need a bunch of committed leaders that they know will never make it. Leaders provide retrains and atmosphere. They work hard and provide the owners rent and a salary. A Corp of leaders is needed to provide a foundation to build the office up. These leaders are all lead to believe that by believing in the marketing program, that they too will be able to obtain financial independence.

Understand that owners have been figuring out how to get people to stick with their business since 1980. They have been through countless people quitting on them. Thus they have loads of ammunition to give reps or their family members when they rail at them. They practice rebuttals to get them to calm down and stick it out. Advice is given at rallies and phone calls are made all the time just on these topics! They have years of trial and error on their side. On the other hand, an anguished girl friend or worried parent is dealing with something they have never heard of before -- something that someone they love has embraced. Such a person wants to be open minded -- but then they see that their loved one is going door to door, not making money and has a changed personality. They worry that he might be in a cult. The loved one is not worshipping a weird God. They are enslaved by the Ds-max psychology of financial independence through door to door sales.

The reality is most will fail. Maybe one out of 20 people hired will actually make it to leadership, for every 100 leaders, maybe one will make it to ownership and of 100 owners, only a fraction will survive and a fraction of those will be VPās or even regional managers. You are better off trying to strike it rich in Vegas than in DS-max. And if you do stick it rich in Ds-max -- it is at the expense of the leaders. Getting money from Ds-max is a peg or two above accepting drug money.

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