Employment ads and first interviews

The all-important lifeās blood of an office is recruiting. This is a door to door sweatshop sales job. Turn over rate is high. You need a constant supply to survive. The owner will put ads in a few different forms of media. It is usually the main local paper, monster.com, and then one or two side publications. The ads will be vague. They will mention something like management opportunity, new locations, customer service, call here if you are not making at least $10 an hour. The ad will instruct them to call the office to set up an appointment and to ask for a specific individual.

When the applicants call and ask for a person, the administrator will know what ads they are responding too. By doing this the owner can decide if he wants to continue to finance a certain medium or if one type of add is working better in his market than others.

The administrator will now book them in for an interview. She will pretend to not know much at all about the position and claim that specific questions can only be answered by the manager. Can they come in today or tomorrow? She will write the time down.

When an applicant comes in for an interview she will have them sit and fill out some personal information and then give the info to the manager. To start off, the manager has the attitude that "You are looking for the job, and I have one, so what can you offer me?" The manager will now see them for a very quick interview. The manager will now explain a bit about what the company does. Only when pressed might they admit that what they do is door to door sales. He will mention word of mouth advertising and mention some of the great clients that ds-max has like Disney, AT&T and the Yankees. He will ask the candidate some general questions. He needs to determine if this is the type of person that will ruin his leaders attitude if set up on a day of observation -- or if this person might meld well with a certain leader in his office. (All in 5 to 10 minutes.) If the manager thinks the person might be open minded and stick it out he will invite them for a full day interview called a day of observation. He will let the candidates know that it is a full day and that it is unpaid. He will usually tell them to wear comfortable shoes. If the candidate starts to ask a barrage of tough questions and the manager feels like he is in too much of a defense mode -- he will not invite them back. It is better that a candidate go off on the manager in private than to have a leader have his day ruined by an irate job candidate. The candidates that get invited back for a second interview are told to show up about when the morning meeting will finish in the morning, to look professional, keep an open mind, be prepared for a full work day and to wear comfortable shoes.

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