The Opportunity

Ok. Joey the new guy is doing pretty well. He was taken out by his faithful leader and a few others to learn a campaign. He got it. He got put out on his own -- and what do you know! -- he is making ok money. Now his leader wants to try and make Joey get into leadership. But he can not make him. Joey has to WANT to become a leader. So that is when Joeyās faithful leader and all the other sold individuals will really start to promote the opportunity of the business. They will talk about things like "how much money an owner makes", being financially independent, how they want to work hard while they are young so that they can retire rich, where they want to open an office, how much money other owners are making, success storyās in the business. This is all normal talk for atmosphere. But for our friend Joey, the pressure is on. Joey must be made to really want leadership. To be always asking other leaders and the owner whatever it is he must do to be a leader. May be he will be told to memorize "G.A.R.L.I.C." To have a Great Attitude, be Responsible, have Income and to do all this on a Consistent basis.

An important first step is for Joey to attend an opportunity meeting. It will take place either before or after work. It will be made to seem like Joey has to be "invited" to attend it. The reality is that the poor owner is praying that enough people will actually show up. But Joey must be in a state where he is dying to hear how to get a head. And then, the resident manager will make his pitch.

Now people, I have never given an opportunity meeting. But I sure have seen enough of them. I will not make this a complete one. A lot of what is covered in an opportunity meeting I am covering in other areas of this report. I am writing it like this to try and explain to the lay person what kind of state people get put in to hear this meeting. How the choreography goes. You donāt simply present something like this right up front to a job applicant. Ds-max wants people to hear this that have been in the business for a little bit. That knows that there is a possibility of making money in the field. It is for people that have a little bit of faith in the business -- not necessarily sold -- so that they can be hooked in more.

So I will just give a meeting. Here is the setting. There is a room that the company uses for morning meetings. There is no table to sit at. All the meetings are held around a dry erase board while people are standing. But on this occasion, there are chairs for the new people and the leaders. The new people of the office are there. They are made to feel like it is a privilege to be invited. The leaders are most often there too. The leaders are there to get re-indoctrinated and to provide vocal support for the owner. They will do this by saying "juice" at the right moment are asking a question about ds-max that the owner can answer in a favorable manor to help impress this new crop of recruits.

The meeting is really a show. A presentation. A commercial. The owner is selling the opportunity to new hires. So he will do his best to set the stage to his advantage. For once, the music will be turned off and chairs will be set up in front of a dry erase board. Leaders will be invited to attend. A good owner will get the leader to ask a question that will allow him to promote the business i.e. q How many offices are there? A 15000 spread around the world and there is room for 1000ās more! The new people have been made to feel special for being "selected" to hear this meeting. May be there is some food and drinks. The stage is now set.

The owner will now explain what ds-max, cydcor, granton marketing and his company are. (I covered all this in Overview -- see that section if you need it gone over again.) He will then go into the advantages of marketing door to door -- to try and get the new hires to see a broader picture on what they do. He can talk about how his business is not paying huge bills to get people to visit something via television or radio. How word of mouth is so much better a system than mail. The manager will promote why it is better all around to be paid strictly on performance by his clients. (Whether or not a rep makes a sale determines the amount of money received by a client.) He will mention how even if a person does not buy a certificate or sign up for a service, at least they have heard about the product and may sign up for the company on his own, or later on buy from another rep. It is promoted how everyone in the office has such better attitudes than regular 9 to 5 people and how much the public is impressed by the professionalism of ds-max. An owner can explain that if someone pays for a commercial, the viewer can change the channel or not even be home to see it. How people throw junk mail out with out reading it. But then he go into detail about how effective his advertising is by hitting every single door in a given area and how his reps canāt be turned off or thrown out like an add. He may talk about how reps brighten everyoneās day.

Now the owner will start to mention growth and expansion. It will be mentioned that more locations are desperately needed to handle their clients, that more managers are needed to run them! He will usually make the following comments in his word: That he would rather have a consistent person dedicated person than an inconsistent person, that he wants manager that can run offices not sales people. He will mention that sales people just help him pay his bills. That an office he can promote out will make him a lot more money.

So now the reps are intrigued. Donāt they want to be a manager and run offices? They arenāt just measly sales people -- are they? Because if they are -- or the manager thinks they are -- they will be viewed as chumps in the office.

The owner will now explain how to get to management. You get promoted to leadership. To do that you have consistent production, you have a great attitude in and out of the office, you display leadership qualities and you do all this on a consistent basis. You have to be able to prove that you can retrain some one. (Iāll get into that later) Plus you must always be asking the manager and the other leaders in the office how to get to leadership. (After all -- this is your financial independence we are talking about here --right? Shouldnāt you always be asking someone who is doing the job how to do it?) Now when you are a leader you win the right to build a crew. To do this, you take out a day of observation, close them, retrain them and get them to leadership. 5 times. You need to get 5 leaders on your team. Plus, these leaders must be able to build crew too.

If one of your guys puts someone on his crew, that would be your second generation. Ideally you want to shoot for at least 10-15 people on your crew. At least 5 must be first generation leaders and the rest will be some 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation guys and of course your first generation that are not yet leaders. You need a big crew to be able to hit a production level that is usually set by the manager. So the requirements are 1) the five-generation leaders 2)-crew size 3) having your crew hit the production requirement.

When you do those things, you will be an assistant manager. You will stay in the office, do interviews, learn the paperwork and save money. Save about 10 grand. You are paid an override off your big crew now. When you have the money saved, you get a territory, an office, furniture, and your first and last months rent paid, take any on your crew willing to go and open up your deal. What will happen is that you will have an independent corporation formed for you. You will be president of this corporation. Then, you and your corporation are entitled to sell products that Ds-max and or Cydcor or Granton Marketing gives you. No loans. No MBA. You pay for ads and rent. You will now do interviews all day to get days of observations for your leaders in your office. It is promoted that you will make a 6-figure income. You do a meeting, your guys go out an make you money, have some atmosphere and then you laugh all the way to the bank. If you have 20 guys going out in the field and they all make money, you just made yourself a nice bit of change that day!

Let us take note here. There is never a direct tie here from the independently formed corporation and its suppliers. If the fledgling corporation does well -- great -- Ds-max and the powers that be will get their money. If the office misrepresents products, if the people in the office commit any crimes, then Ds-max and the products escape all liability. I.e. a representative in a cydcor office signs up a business for AT&T long distance. He wants some extra money so he gets the owner of the business to agree to having an 800 number with out explaining the charges adequately. Months later the customer complains. The responsibility can only fall on the rep that has probably already quit. Cydcor is contracted by AT&T, which is contracted by DS-max, which has contracted the office that the rep worked out of. I recently heard about an advertising office in Texas that sold too many buy one get one free certificates to a restaurant. The restaurant chose to no longer honor the certificates. A restaurant wants such certificates sold a bit a way from their location. This office has reps selling the certificates within the same vicinity. If the office does not do well, another can be put in and the Manager will have to go out in the field again and build another crew.

Offices fail! What happens if all the guys quit? How is the owner going to pay for advertising bills, phones and rent? What can make the guys quit? A tough new campaign, an unchecked leaders and or owners that always try and sleep with all the women, favoritism of an owner to a leader so that he gets all of the days of observations, an owner that underpays his reps (remember it is HIS independently owned corporation), another nearby office with your campaign going into your territory, the inability of an owner to motivate his guys to go through the program because of personality, burn out or disillusionment and I can go on and on. Or the owner could lose a campaign. If the campaign that the owner had is fairly easy, his reps may not be able to handle a tougher one. Or they may not be given another campaign -- just told to up and move in an area where they can work. Many offices fail the first year. And then it is back to your promoting manager or a into a VPās office and then you start building a crew again. It is widely promoted that those who get shut down the first time and do it again are the strongest. But that is if they can ever do it again. These guys still often owe money on leases, phone bills and pay to former distributors.

Ok now, back to our opportunity meeting. Hold on! Our new reps think. What is the catch? May be a leader will pipe up in the back and say something like "why donāt you just take the city for yourself" or "what is the catch" The owner is only too happy to reply. An owner makes a portion of the sales of each office that he promotes out. (Not 2nd or 3rd generation offices -- just 1st) The owner gets this override from ds-max. When the promoting office pays ds-max for the product it sells, a portion of that money is paid to the promoting owner. For example, letās say a certificate sells for 10 dollars in the field. The rep will get 5 dollars, the owner 3 and head office 2. Letās say that the promoting managerās cut is 1 dollar. Head office will pay the promoting manager 1 dollar out of the 2 it got.

So, an owner can make 10 grand a year off a good outside deal. If an office has about 20 reps a piece and they are all selling and he gets a piece of each sale -- it is not hard to imagine how you can get 10 grand to the promoting owner. If you put out -- say 2 outside deals -- that is 20 extra grand a year you get -- on top of what you make while running your office? Sounds good -- huh? "Juice!!!!!" Exclaim all the leaders present. Maybe even some of the new people are starting to say juice along with them.

But wait - it gets better!

Guess what happens when you promote out 5 first generation deals and are doing a certain volume in your organization? You become a regional manager with more clout AND your overrides off your first generation deals double! Furthermore -- if you put out at least 7 first generation deals, and have 2 seconds and have a certain amount of production -- you will be a vice president! This means a $250,000 base salary, plus overrides on all your deals, plus the income from the office you run. The leaders should all be hooting and hollering saying juice and claiming that that is where they will be in five years. The new people are flushed with joy at thinking about how they too could be able to get those goals and canāt believe there luck at being part of this wonderful origination.

Let us not leave out how the big shots will be promoted. Murray Reinhardt, various vice presidents, all will be given as examples of how you can go from rags to riches through this wonderful program.

Now it is up to the manager to get this dream instilled in his guys. To have them get them to devote all they have to getting to VP, for their own financial independence -- and his. See why Atmosphere and meetings are so important now? In Atmosphere, as well as going over the pitch, you constantly go over this opportunity for financial independence. Reps are encouraged to visualize their new office -- to preselect what they want to call their corporation -- even put it on a crew poster. So if you have a leader on a slump that just lost his crew -- again -- that leader will hang on. Why? Because for countless times they have heard about how VPs and regional manager went through multiple crews and ate ramen noodles and stuck it through and now make the big money. It is promoted how you may have to build crews a few times, how only a few that are tough will make it. It is promoted that to succeed; the rep must close the door on any thought of quitting and just give there all to the business.

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