Ds-Max Overview

Ds-max is a supplier. It gets clients and goods to sell for its member offices. Thousands of offices around the world compose the member offices. A member office is an independent corporation that is set up to sell Ds-max products. Ds-max is a global operation that has offices in most countries throughout the world. In the US alone there are hundreds of such offices. Such independently run corporations remove ds-max from liability. The vast majority of people effected by ds-max -- never really actually worked for it; the majority that claim to have worked with Ds-max -- actually worked for an independent corporation licensed to sell DS-max products.

There are two other companies talked about a lot. Granton Marketing and Cydcor. They are Listers. A lister is an advertising company that finds clients for another. Granton deals primarily with the advertising division and Cydcor with the communications. Although these companies work closely with ds-max -- and in some cases have the same people in each one -- they are separate entities.

There are four main divisions of Ds-max. Clearance, Advertising, Roses and Communications. Each division is separate. In a given office you might find a few different divisions run by different people or by the same person. Now I will explain them.

The clearance division sells products like toys, books, organizers, bags, key chains, pens, small TVās, and lots more. This is the oldest and largest division of the company. Ds-max has entire factories in the Far East that make cheap products. Since they deal with a lot of volume, they get good prices. These products are shipped to different offices and sold door to door.

The Advertising division sells coupons. They contract with restaurants, golf courses, autobody shops, hotels and many other types of business. You pay say 25 dollars for a certificate and you get 30 buy one get one free pizzaās at pizza hut, or 4 free oil changes and discounts on auto parts or buy one get one free golf. All divisions sell door to door -- but the advertising division is the one where it is primarily almost all residential door to door, where as the others is all mostly business to business. The primary company that finds the clients for this division is Granton Marketing. A percentage of each sale goes to them.

The roses division sells -- you guessed it -- roses! They order large quantities of Roses from growers at whole sale prices and sell them business to business. A guy will sell a dozen roses for $13 dollars. He commission is $3 and he will ask for a tip because he works on commission. They can usually at least get an extra 5 to 10 dollars. Even after the tip it is still a great deal.

Communications is the other main one. Iāve heard of the westco division and the credit card division and there may be others now. They are spin offs of communications and are pretty much run the same way. Cydcor is the lister. This division has products like ATT, Sprint, Visa, MasterCard, CSI, DTV, Optus and many others. This is the only division where you do not collect money on the spot. You get people to sign up for services, i.e. long distance or a credit card, the application is turned in and then you get paid a few weeks later.

To summarize, the chain of ds-max I will give an example. An independently run corporation is set up in a given market. This corporation gets all its products from Ds-max and or cydcor and or granton Marketing. The owner of this corporation will be part of one of the divisions. The owner will pay Ds-max for the merchandise it sells and for some legal and administrative fees and pay his own rent and advertising bills. The owner will run his office according to ds-max principles and guidelines use ds-max propaganda and are in contact with Ds-max quite often. This person will put out ads for people to sell his merchandise. In all the divisions save communications, the recruits will be independent contractors. Communication reps will be commissioned employees. So if Joey, a new rep is selling AT&T and he signs up a customer, he will, as an independent contractor for AT&T, gained AT&T a client, by using the product of his office, which is supplied by Ds-max (but not part of it) and Ds-Max got the client by using Cydcor as the lister.

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