The Ds-Max History -- as it is explained

(the real history is probably very different -- but this is how most people probably here it.)

The year is 1980 and the place is Toronto Canada. A 26 year old Murray Reinhart was involved in a company similar to ds-max where promotion to an office is based just on sales. This company had the 5 & 8 and law of averages as its marketing system. Something happened and all the Canadian offices had to be shut down. If you did not relocate to the US you were out of a job. Murray was living out of his car. He formed what became DS-max. It was Murray who put in the concept of having five leaders to be promoted. He felt discriminated by the company he worked with because he is half black and half Jewish. He felt that if he formed a company where promotion was built on teaching people, that the discrimination he experienced would largely be eliminated.

He started by buying goods from wholesalers and selling them on the street. He would use that money to buy more goods. And gradually he built a crew. And as they made more money they were able to get cheaper prices on merchandise. And they expanded around Canada. The first rally was spent around boxes of Pizza.

The first International expansion was in 1986 in LA by Avie Roth. And then offices opened around the US and took off all over the world. The Advertising division formed in the late 80‚s. The roses division and Communications divisions were born in the mid 90‚s.

Some things that helped the company grow where that people adopted the psychology and made the business their own. They were not expanding to the Philippines for Murray‚s sake, but for their own.

The vast majority of international offices are clearance offices. But the other divisions are catching up. Clearance is the oldest division and it is called the "back bone" of the company.

I have said a lot of bad things about Ds-max, Cydcor and Granton Marketing in my time. Nevertheless, I have to give credit where credit is due. This business started out of the back of a car that was being lived in by the founder. And now it is around the globe. 24 hours a day people are doing the 5 & 8 because they are inspired by the actions of Murray and the many others that have followed his dream. The business has clients that are fortune 500 companies. Murray himself said that if you told him that in the future his company would have the clients and following that it had -- he‚d have laughed at you and never believed it. Murray retired in 1990 and then came out of retirement in 1997. I have seen him speak at Rally‚s. I have never ever seen a more motivating person. When he speaks he makes the air feel like electricity. When asked about the business he gets humble and says that he feels like a snowball down a mountain and that it happened to become an avalanche out of his control.

The two right hand people of Murray were Avie Roth and Larry Tennebaum. These men never retired and have been instrumental in the expansion of DS-max. Cydcor is named after Larry‚s children, Cydney and Cortney. Larry‚s mother Joy and his administrator Val Rowe now run the hub system and help oversee global operations.

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