Ds-Max Atmosphere and Psychology

This is a very important part to the business. Never under estimate it. This is where a person learns about the business, gets rejuvenated about the business and where the manager controls the business. It is the media. The blood of the madness. An owner would say that Atmosphere should be nothing but teaching and learning about the business. Generally, a big room is set aside for people to gather in the morning to practice pitch and learn about atmosphere. There is almost always a dry erase board handy so that a person can draw something to help teach others.

Atmosphere happens twice a day. Once in the morning before the meeting, and secondly, in the evening as people get back from the field. Atmosphere is when the owner is on stage. He has to make sure that his office delivers a superior performance to the new people and the leaders or the attitude will slip and then sales will slip. Here are a few rules (in no order of importance):

  1. Always get with the guy who made money that day or the day before and learn what he did.
  2. Always get with the owner, assistant manager or especially a visiting VP and find out what they did to get ahead.
  3. If you are a leader always try and be showing a new person something positive about the business or how to make more money using the marketing system.
  4. Tell a merchandising story that has a positive aspect.
  5. Isolate or Quarantine from the general populace anyone who does not have a great attitude in atmosphere.
  6. Promote your goals that have to do with success through the business.
  7. Give recognition to anyone who "makes noise" or "rings the bell" (some one who sells a certain amount that day and is "privileged" to be able to hit a gong or ring a bell or sound off a horn in atmosphere" One gives recognition by saying "juice" or "juice by YOU" and high fiving the jubilant sales rep.
  8. Practice Pitching -- when everyone gets in little groups and practices going through a pitch.
  9. Have games -- which have to do with pitching or learning about the marketing system.
  10. Have loud music.
  11. Make new people want to become a part of the family by constantly promoting ds-max in front of them.
  12. Promote what an owner wants said about a situation (in leaders meeting a situation may arise about a campaign or a person in the office and the owner can dictate to the leaders how this situation is to be promoted in atmosphere to new people -- you would be surprised how this works)
  13. Have hip loud music playing. This makes people have to speak up in pitch circles and also if a new person says something negative the music will drown it out.

The effects of these rules on the mind of the rep are as subtle as silk but get a hard as a vice. The non-leader starts out by seeing everyone having a good time before and after work. But then you become a leader and now you are a thought cop -- always making sure everyone is acting like they should. You go from genuinely being curious and asking a question as a non-leader -- to manipulating your guys to ask how to get a head - to constantly regurgitating the same stories to your guys. You believe it and you hope that if you repeat it enough that your guys will too. You go from wanting to get a head in life -- to coming down hard on any dissension from what should be said in atmosphere. You see, when you start the business, you want a job and you try and fit in. Atmosphere may seem a bit weird -- but, hey, you need to pay rent. If you last and you become sold on the business -- you have to act in certain ways.

Understand -- to go door to door for eight plus hours and to make money for you and maybe some else -- is as much of a mental exercise as a physical one. Attitude is everything. You have to have your thoughts in control. If you are in a bad mood or doubt your self the people will see it and not buy. Being in the field selling door to door is not like being a cashier at 7-11. Going door to door for eight hours means having doors slammed on you, angry people, having someone insinuate you are a crook to your face, you might run out of territory, you might run in to some one else, some might have been there the day before and not marked it, your day of o might have high heels on and want to go home early -- you name it! So you use atmosphere and all the tools of the office to get yourself and your crew into that selling state. And to be in that rhino state you adopt the whole psychology. If you have been in the business for months -- you learn that following that psychology will help you make money in the field and get you recognition in the office. Because to run a door to door sales crew Attitude is everything! As leader, you enforce atmosphere. Enforcing Atmosphere as long as I have has made me recognize how important media is to a society. I.E. what gets said, what gets left out, how something is promoted. When you start out learning the business, you have to learn how to sell to eat. To learn to sell, you act like the guys that are doing the job. And who are making the most sales in the office? The guys that take control, that have the best attitudes, that donāt let negatives bother them, that follow the 5& 8 to a T and donāt vary it are the high producers. You adopt that psychology and pay your bills, or you make no money and be out of a job.

By the way one big lie that is often insinuated in many offices in the business that with out Atmosphere, no one would be able to sell anything. That if you leave the business and do your own thing that you will languish in poverty because you will not have atmosphere to rejuvenate you! I guess that is why so many important inventions sell in the world today then -- because of atmosphere! I wonder what atmosphere was like for Bill Gates or Henry Ford? LOL!

Morning atmosphere. You are supposed to arrive and get your merchandise and then attend a meeting. Before the meeting is when atmosphere happens. If you are a leader and are training someone that day and the campaign is a little complicated, atmosphere can be a life saver for you if you make sure to get your trainee pitching and learning so that they are more ready for the field.

Evening atmosphere. People should return back from the field after a certain hour. They settle up for what they sold and go home -- but not so fast. Hang around in the office for a while for atmosphere. If you are new -- they will not make you hang around too long. The owners and leaders will pull you aside, make sure you didnāt have a bad day and are about to quit, get you excited about the next day and then put you on your way. If you are a leader with a crew you should be there for as much of night atmosphere as possible. You have to make sure that if any of your crew had a low paying day that you get with them and get them in the door for the next day. And if they are making ok money then you should be fear of lossing them into wanting to be a leader. After all the new people have gone home, Atmosphere can end and the leaders can go home too.

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