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I finally learned how to sell. I'm a total convert and I love selling. Below is my collection of reviews and reflections on sales books and strategies that I have tried.

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First Sales Meeting Tips
Basics of a proper sales meeting. Review this page before a presentation

Leading the Lead down your pipeline
Converting Leads into Sales...don't miss this step.

This is from the consultative sell:

In this approach to selling, the salesperson questions buyers thoroughly to find out what their real needs are, and then gets the buyers to describe their ideal solutions. The salesperson acts as a facilitator to the process, and offers expertise when the buyer signals he or she is ready for a solution.
The Everything Selling Book

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I keep this page so that I can remember the books I read before an important meeting. It's really for my own maximum effectiveness. You can use them of course, and please let me know if anything on this page is misleading, needs updating or additions.

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