Eric Wolfram's Chronology

1965 -- born in Fontana Hospital
1967 -- Moved to San Rafeal, I don't remember, I was 2.
1969 -- Moved to Turkey -- One of my first memories is drinking spoiled milk there...gross!
1970 -- Moved to Ramstein A.F.B., Germany -- My first best friend was Johny Post.
1972 -- Moved to Ramstein Village -- I got holy communionized there!
1973 -- Stage Debute -- I was featured as the black cat in the halloween play!
1975 -- Moved to Bowie Maryland -- Played on a hockey team.
1977 -- Moved to Sembach Germany -- Played football. Got arrested for disrespecting the flag on an Air Force base (don't do that.)
1978 -- Performed in the 6th grade drama "Much Ado About Ants"
1979 -- Got Life Scout in Troup 58 Transatlantic Councel Boy Scouts 1980 -- Moved back to Ramstein Germany -- Solved the rubex cube
1982 -- Featured in 52 professional productions of West Side Story (in German!) with Der Pfaltz Theatre.
1983 -- Graduated from Ramstein American High School. Got Mono on our senior trip to Spain.
1983 -- Started Dancing Ballet as an Engineering Major at University of South Florida in Tampa.
1986 -- Moved to Winnipeg Manatoba in Canada. Scholarship student in Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division.
1988 -- Hired as dancer for Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
1990 -- Toured Moscow, Kiev and Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) as the first western dance company to perform in the Kirov Theatre.
1991 -- Toured Lima Peru, Buenas Aris, Carracas, Mexico City.
1992 -- Moved to San Francisco to dance with the San Francisco Ballet and met Kate, my future wife!
1994 -- Wrote book on Self Marketing for Dancers.
1992--1995 -- performed with San Francisco Ballet
1995 -- Performed with San Francisco Opera and Dance Through Time
1996 -- Started building web sites for convention centers
1997 -- Started building and maintaining community web site for Concentric Network's dial up customers.
1997 -- Outsourced programmer who helped improve their visa charging system.
1998 --2000 -- Helped Gator, Goldman Sachs, PCMoving, and more.
2001 -- Created the documentary "Dance Children" and got engaged. Started
2002 -- Got married, created Dance Children II, filmed another documentary. Wrote article for Dance Magazine.
2003 -- Started MyTLC, sold Wrote 2 more articles for Dance Magazine. Moved to NYC. Son #1 is born.
2003 - 2009 -- Lived in NYC. Son #2 born in 2007. Started a search marketing company and a Video Production company. Editor Producer with CNN. Worked with Artist Mark Kostabi on a weekly game show performance art for Manhattan Neighborhood Network called
2009 -- Moved to Irvington NY.

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