Eric Wolfram's Business: Wolfram and Associates LLC.

Wolfram and Associates, LLC.

The extensive accomplishments of Wolfram and Associates, LLC. speak for themselves, however, here are the key people behind those Internet developments.

Eric Wolfram -- Principal
Chief strategist, Eric Wolfram, has been creating web sites since 1995. He hosts a discussion group of San Francisco bay area Internet developers called Noend, and this group became regarded as an industry leader for relevant Internet discussions during the mid-late 90s. Regardless of complexity, Mr. Wolfram is probably in touch with the talent who can accomplish almost any computer project.

Mr. Wolfram publicly thanks the following associates, whom he whole heatedly recommends. These are some of the smartest, most diligent, persistent and hard working people around.

Adam Grossman -- CTO
Mr. Grossman has a degree from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and he has extensive IT experience in banking, finance, and Internet industries. Since joining the organization in 1998, he has directed and developed real-time, client-server, transactional database systems for Wolfram and Associates customers such as,, and Goldman Sachs. He can be reached at

Brian Sasville -- Creative Director
Mr. Sasville graduate from The University of Washington, with a BFA from the school of design. A very talented designer, Mr. Sasville's work speaks for itself --

Ian Kallen -- Security Expert
Ian Kallen provides security consulting for Wolfram and Associates. He built and configured the web servers for and Concentric Network -- and has protected those servers from hackers and attacks for years. He helped and by providing web server development, security, and scripting help -- and he coded a web publishing software for He also teaches classes in Apache, Perl, and CGI scripting for SFSU multi-media program. Mr. Kallen is an valuable addition to any web team.

Wendy Compango -- Production Leader
During the past three years, Ms. Compango has coded countless web sites for design firms and advertising agencies in San Francisco -- and for the past two years, for Wolfram and Associates. Her intimate understanding of all the undocumented browser bugs and, more importantly, the lesser-known work arounds; has helped her emerged as a valuable production team leader. You can reach Wendy directly at:

Other Associates --
Eric Wolfram has nurtured subcontractor associations with more then twenty individuals who can be included to help with various specialized skills which are sometimes necessary for superb Internet development.

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