Eric Wolfram's Dance : New York Ballet Lessons

Dance Lessons in New York -- Private Ballet

Get power Ballet Lessons from professional dancers. Ex-dancers from companies like American Ballet Theatre and San Francisco Ballet will have you looking like a ballerina in no time. Enjoy private ballet lessons from our dancers in the privacy of your own home -- Upper East Side of Manhattan -- or in a private studio. Get the attention you need from one-to-one training and encouragement.

"Thank you for the great attitude and generous support while I got back into shape after having my child. You were a real asset to the effort. I look forward to working with you again." August 2002.
J. Lindel -- Marketing Executive

You hear the piano melodies as your legs get stronger and more flexible. Feel the perspiration pay off as your grace, balance and posture improves. Become the envy of everyone when they hear that you're getting private Power Ballet from professional ballerinas for as little as $150 per lesson.

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