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Procedure for Booting Up in the Parking Lot to Save Maximum Body Heat

I have a 4 minute procedure for booting up at truck to save maximum body heat.

1. Before you turn off the car, make sure your ear buds are in, the right music is on, and your tracks are running. Put on a hat. Take a swig of water. Make sure you’re right. Have your wallet and keep track of your car keys (ie, don’t get all dressed and then realize your wallet and keys are still in the car.)

2. Exit car and get your skis and poles on the ground first.

3. If it’s cold and especially if it’s windy, use the door as a wind shield, if you’re on the windward side of the truck, use the lee side instead!

4. Put on your boots and buckle them NOW not at the top of the mountain. Do it before your coat is on because it’s easier to bend over. Use the truck door and seat to stabilize yourself. Use this opportunity to stretch those hamstrings. Put your shoes back in the truck now. Put your gator over the boot.

5. Put on your coat. Get your iphone into an inside pocket so the battery doesn’t drain and get your wallet into a zippered pocked. Keep track of those keys, you’ll need them to lock up so don’t zipper them in your under your clothing only to realize you need to lock up.

6. Remove hat and put on neck gator and helmet. Make sure you have googles because you don’t want to have to go back to the truck.

7. Close door lock up and put keys in a zippered pocket. Pick up skis and brisk walk to lift to get the blood moving a bit before that first cold ride to the top.

8. Have fun

By Eric

Eric is still willing to sacrifice ample dignity in exchange for the smallest bits of attention -- it's pathetic really. Super father though, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...

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