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Helpful Web Applications
TinyURL - This site turns a huge url string short - don't send long URLS in emails -- send sorturls.

Share Passwords for Free Sites - share passwords for free sites to avoid tedious, marketing-driven registration processes (newspapers and the like - who just use your demographics to push customized sets of ads at you). -- Use this file to send large files to each other.

Reach a human quickly on various interactive voice responce systems -- ya, that's right, this tells you how to quickly navigate various IVR systems to get to the human you want to speak with!

Bookmarks to frequently visited sites or sites that I want to remember


Maps and Satellite Sites
Mapquest -- great directions

Google's Map and direction machine -- google enters the map scene

map24 --You can make the map -- and just the map -- in a separate window so it fills as much of your screen as you want

Guitar Tabulature Site -- Move over olga, this site rocks.

songs I like to (uhg) sing
Visions of Johanna -- bob dylan
Jersey Girl -- Tom Waits

Humor Sites Joel Veitch's site -- british humor -- he got famous in the u.s. because of the furry singing creatures in the quiznos ads

homestartrunner - Could be the funniest site on the web. Flash animation cartoons. Strong Bad emails.

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