Eric Wolfram's List of Exceptionally Cool People:

Exceptionally Cool People

I am lucky, grateful and inspired to know so many hard working creative and wonderful people. Some of them have web sites or pages that I link to below in alphebetical order by first name. (If you know me and have a page about you that I can link to, then please contact me):

Andrew Beebe -- hip ceo and president
Brian Sasville -- graphic designer
Caleb Clark -- technology educator
Carol Wolfram -- my sister's site
Charles McNeal -- illustrious dance educator
Daniel Chou -- Designer photographer and consumer
David Hecht -- marketing English Astrix
David Glober -- excellent proofreader
David Siegel -- jack of none
Eddie Codel -- a buddy w/
Elise Bauer -- MBA entrepreneur
Francine Hardaway, Ph.D. -- writer, blogger, entrepreneur.
Gary Rowe -- composer & lounge piano man
Gilles Desaulniers -- Harvest Market maker
Hazlitt Krog -- political associate
Ian Kallen -- internet and software technologist
Janelle Brown -- Writer for Salon, Hotwired, Fray, MaxiMag and more...
Jay Bain -- Snowboarder, wireless technologist, digital photographer, communities facilitator.
John Keagy -- ISP entrepreneur deluxe
John Lowry -- friend and business partner
Jonathan Fegan and Sara Mau -- Omaha Dance Project directors
Kevin Wiley -- property manager
Kyle Hurlbut -- high-tech entrepreneur
Larry McVoy -- bit keeper, hardware engineer and pool shark
Leanne Waldal -- userability entrepreneur
Marshall Crutcher -- musician, composer, punster
Mitch Goldman -- New York film producer
Matt Lanier -- Software Development Wizard
Mikko Nissinen -- friend and artistic director
Otis Tompson -- illustrator, sign painter, pool shark
Paul Vachier -- web design, graphic design, seo, video editing
Peter Merholz -- design guru (plus he virtually introduced me to most of the people on this page.)
Molly Wright Steenson -- Girlwonder
Ryan Junell -- film maker and designer.
Roland Wolfram -- my big brother
Scott Eagle -- marketing wizard
Sparky Rose -- designer, musician, artist and apple user.
Srini from Unamerican -- social questioner, sticker maker
Steve (evilsteven) Warren -- NYC, music, flash
Wendy Compagno -- web producer, knitter

Who Are Your People?
What is the most important resource on the world? Oil? gold? grain? water? The most important resource in the world are people. People are capable of great things.

Exceptionally Cool People's Projects

Omaha Dance Project
My former colleges from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet have started an exciting dance school and company in Nebraska -- support this company!

Cultural Images
Katya has some nice peaceful jewelry to nourish the heart and soul. She also makes documentary film. Nice work!

Luke Doucet
Luke Doucet is a talented song writer and a virtuoso guitar player. Judge for yourself by visiting his site and listening to "New Orleans"

Kevin Ready
Kevin is an artist. His stunning photographs from NYC September 11th, 2001 represent only one subset of his incredible accomplishments.

Adam Savage -- Mythbuster
Adam Savage is an amazing fellow. His new TV show premiers on the Discovery channel on Thursday, January 23rd, 2003. But he's multi-talented

Nikon Camera News Blog
My friend Paul Vachier is an awesome photographer and he writes a blog about the Nikon Camera.

Tracey and Sparky Rose -- jewel makers
Tracey and Sparky started an award winning art gallery for Jewelry -- it's located on 18th and Castro in San Francisco.

My friend Josh Rabinowitz runs skateboarddirectory -- your guide to the skateboard world: search engines, links, news and more. Go Josh!

Glatz Land
My friend Phil Glatz has some excellent quotes and his personal philosophy on his web site.

Just Bijou Dog Handmade Sculptures
My sister Carol handmakes sculptures of all dogs and sells them on ebay. She also has some of the sweetest briards in the country.

"Don't tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done."
-- James King

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