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Internet Application Development
I use free opensource code like WordPress to host internet applications that solve both custom or common types business challenges. For instance, my Green Magazine Web Site site was created entirely by me as proof of this concept. These are the sites that I currently Webmaster.

Medical Marketing Company -- I'm very excited to be doing what I do best for doctors and clinics specifically. That means, web sites, adwords, videos to help doctors maintain their practice. WPRNY Corporate Video Production -- WPRNY is a video services business that focuses on corporate communications and event promotion in New York City. I started this business with a friend from CNN.

WPRNY Marketing
This is Google and Google's Adwords and Adsense optimization service. Read my article on creating web sites for search engines. I work with people and companies to help improve their web site's chances of appearing higher in the Google search engine result pages for predefined keyword phrases.

New York Video Production
I rent my Digital Video kit and editing services to people who want excellent videos or to companies like CNN, Chiat/Day/TBWA, MetroUS, and Entertainment Weekly. My New York HD Video Camera rental deal is the best value in town.

Book Sales -- Your Dance Resume
Yes, there are still a few more copies of my book available. You can order copies directly from me. Discounts for orders of 7 or more. Larger discounts for orders of 56. Get them while they last! Or you can read it on line of free.

Past Accomplishments

Gnosio, Inc. Story
John Lowry and I founded Gnosio to help property management companies stay organized. We hosted applications to make it easier to manage property. We then sold 90% of the company and we still hold a small share. Do you own property? Read this advocacy for Board Members of Home Owner Associations. If you own a property management company then read this advocacy for community management company owners.

The Wolfram and Associates, LLC., Story

During the mid and late 1990's, Wolfram and Associates, LLC., provided a gamut of internet consulting services for select corporations. Mr. Wolfram lead a deep network of independent subcontractors in the San Francisco Bay area. Together, they created many success stories.

Eric Wolfram -- Principal
Chief strategist, Eric Wolfram, has been creating web sites since 1996. He hosted a discussion group of San Francisco bay area Internet developers called Noend, and this group is regarded as an industry leader for relevant Internet discussions during the mid & late 90's. Regardless of complexity, Mr. Wolfram is probably in touch with the talent who can accomplish almost any computer project.

Not Wolfram Research
This site is not affiliated with Wolfram Research, Math, mathematics, mathematical functions, or the Wolfram flagship product, Mathematica.

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