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45th San Francisco International Film Festival

A wonderful opportunity to see the world, our "international" film festival is known for presenting the types of film that take you far away. The San Francisco International Film Festival has delivered on that promise again in 2002.

So instead of buying a plane ticket, buy a festival pass and see the world -- region after region -- from the comfort of our wonderful city. Let the festival be your window into the hidden cultures of the world, into our great human diversity, and into our ample collective vision.

I was lucky enough to have recently viewed some of the films presented this year. It feels like I have just returned from an epic Homeric journey -- from the busy city of Seoul and over the country side of South Korea, onto the spacious plains of China, and across the amber Russian fields.

By the Ganges River, and the people living there, I heard their wonderful raga and Ravi Shankar, at eighty years old, speak about his spirit, his life, and his family.

On the vast wind swept Iranian desert I saw a boy that could have been from Arizona, or Greenland, or Marin. And from the blue coast of Brazil, to the dusty market at Senegal or Santiago, and onto the industrial ports of Tangier -- one thing is common. We all share the human experience, it's ups and downs -- life, love, laughter and death.

The visions you are about to see at the festival are not found in your local video store, in fact, many of these films will never be screened in America again. So involve yourself into this opportunity to become a special guest of the San Francisco Film Society and purchase your tickets today. By doing so you will support the 45th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival and your sense of curiosity and adventure.

The films that I have seen are on the right. I am not done viewing films. Please check back when the film festival is over to see my final recommendations and conclusions.

Reviewed Films


Dance of a Dream
Directed by: Andrew Lau (Hong Kong 2001)
Directed by: Abolfazl Jalili (Iran 2001)
Inner Tour
Directed by: Ra'anan Alexandrowicz (Israel 2000) Far Away (Loin)
Directed by: Andre Techine (France/Morroco 2001)
Failan (Pairan)
Directed by: Song Sye-sung (South Korea 2001)
Fulltime Killer (Quan Zhi Sha Shou)
Directed by: Johnnie To, Wai Ka Fai (Hong Kong 2001)
Happy Times
Directed by: Zhang Yimou (China 2001)
Directed by: D'Alain Gomis (France/Senegal 2001)
Last Wedding
Directed by: Bruce sweeney (Canada 2001)
Musa The Warrior
Directed by: Sung-Soo Kim (South Korea 2001)
Nights of Constantinople
Directed by: Orlando Rojas (Cuba 2001)
The Princess Blade (Shurayuki Hime)
Directed by: Sato Shinsuke (Japan 2001)
Read My Lips
Directed by: Jacques Audiard (France 2001)
Directed by: Sergei Bodrov Jr. (Russia 2001)
Taxi for Three (Taxi Para Tres)
Directed by: Orlando Lubbert (Chile 2001)
To The Left of the Father (Lavoura Arcaica)
Directed by: Raduan Nassar (Brazil 2001)
Directed by: Beto Brant (Brazil 2001)
The Wild Bees
Directed by: Bohdan Slama (Czech Republic 2001)


Ravi Shankar Between Two Worlds
Directed by: Mark Kidel (2001)


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