Eric Wolfram's Writing, Review of Ravi Shankar: Between Two Worlds

Ravi Shankar: Between Two Worlds

Directed by Mark Kidel

Ravi Shankar is eighty two years old and he is India's most widely recognized musician. Ravi Shankar: Between Two Worlds merges archive footage spanning his entire life with new footage of him speaking about his life.

Footage of a young Ravi performing music while his older brother danced in 1932 is classic. However, his older brother, now at 94 years old, reflecting with Ravi on the past is even more interesting.

The film is a chronological autobiography revealing Mr. Shankar's bond with Krishna, his extraordinary travels to Paris and Hollywood before World War II, and his devotion to his guru Baba, who "gave me my whole life."

This documentary offers amazing insight into the original transcendental jam. It is obvious why acid musicians of the 60s looked to Ravi Shankar for inspiration. He admits, "the raga and me become one."

Country: USA/France
Year: 2001
Run Time: 90 minutes
Producer: Jane Weiner, Nicolas Blanc
Editor: Andrew Findlay
Cinematographer: Olivier Gueneau
Screenwriter: Mark Kidel

This Film Was Viewed at the 45th San Francisco International Film Festival

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