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Hello Sir or Madam

I don't know you from Adam
Or maybe I do, Or just think I do
When I don't.
Whoever you are, Whatever you face
Whatever your values religion or race
I want you to know that you're welcome here
To wonder around on this site that you've found
By now I'm glad you're sure to know it
I don't consider myself a poet
I'm only a man doing the best that he can
To be a web site Greeter and to do it in Meter

Published Work

Voice of Dance August 2006 -- Calling for Segel's Swan Song Dance Magazine July 2006 -- Meehan Moves to Hong Kong
Dance Magazine Feburary 2005 -- Making a Great Audition Video
Young Dancer Feburary 2004 -- Picking Summer Schools and Auditions
Dance Magazine October 2003 -- Backstage with Smuin Ballet's Zorro
Dance Magazine July 2003 -- an article about surviving in the city.
Dance Magazine Feburary 2003 -- an article about technolgoy in university dance departments.

Your Dance Resume -- 1994
This book was written to help dancers self-market. I put it on the web for free. Enjoy. You can also buy a copy if you know a dancer who doesn't have a computer.

Select Pieces

How to Articles

Sales Training, Tips and Techniques
Sales white papers on Lead tracking, lead conversions and cold call scripts

How to Recycle Orange Bags
Orange bags are one of my favorite things to keep out of the garbage...
How to stop SPAM
Reclaim your email in-box...
How to Score Higher in Google Search Results
Yes you can score #1 like this site...


Nuggets of Hope
We Beat up the coast to Drakes Bay this weekend and had a terrible time. The sea was completely unmuzzled...
We'd slow down to the pace of the sky, river, and gentle breeze -- to the pace the sun and moon -- to the pace of the trees and plants growing.
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Eiko and Coma
A dance theater rooted in Buto-Sha, Eiko and Koma move slowly...
Reviews of Films in the 45th San Francisco International Film Festival


On Harrison Street
Between three and four. where the urine soked homeless are not...
(not my) Last Thoughts on Third Street
When your browser is busted and you're sitting alone, and your cell starts ringing...
and some cool words that I picked.
Rebound Heaven
Her heart is on a roller coaster rided, it aches for ...
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