Eric Wolfram's Films: Try Again

Try Again
This film started one Saturday and ended up here. We had a lot of fun putting it together.

View Try Again
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Download the full 5:11 minute short narative film called "Try Again"
Caution -- on a 56.6 dial up modem this file takes over 20 minutes to download. And, to view the video requires the Real Media player

Still from Try Again

Stills from Try Again
View 12 still photographs from the film Try Again.

Directed by: Eric Wolfram
Starring: Jais Zinoun
Cinematography: Gabe Zentall
Other Photography: Eric Wolfram
Edited by: Kate Lydon, Jais Zinoun, Eric Wolfram
Written By: Kate Lydon, Jais Zinoun, Eric Wolfram
Music By: Amir Baghiri
Voices By: James Brosnahann, Kate Lydon, Jais Zinoun

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