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New York Video Resume Services

A video resume can help you:

We interview you in front of a professional quality camera -- we ask industry related questions -- and we edit it all together into a quality video presentation of you.

All services are subject to availability: Call to reserve your time now! (646)-519-2451 or email

As seen in the New York Times! -- Feb. 1st, 2004
"Video resumes are starting to emerge as a new weapon for job hunters. The videos range from 20-second presentations of a job applicant candidate directly addressing the camera to four-minute mini-movies replete with graphics and photo montages. Some job seekers spend pennies to make simple home videos; a higher-quality video can cost several thousand dollars."
Special New York Offer We interview you on camera so that you can present yourself clearly to your prospects -- we ask industry specific questions. Our special offer includes one interview in your office or home, one standard title graphis, up to 4 titles or photos, musical underscore, and ten VHS copies (more copies available, of course, if needed) But that's not all -- we also put your video on the web FREE of charge. If you live in New York, you can get all this for a fixed investment from you of only $495 if you call NOW. (646)-519-2451

Still not convinced? Our professional video production specialists help produce high quality content for corporate clients. Here's a testimonial.

"Thank you for the great attitude and generous support on the Intel CEO Summit. You were a real asset to the production. I look forward to working with you again." August 2002.
Robert Langly -- Encore Productions. Executive Producer

Travel Considerations Business class travel compensation or arrangement is required editing on locations outside of Manhattan. Travel costs will be based on fair accepted standards, for example, $.37 per mile for driving in New York or the State accepted per diem for the location, business class accommodations and air fair.

All services are subject to availability: Call to reserve your time now! (646)-519-2451 or email

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