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Gnosio Advocacy for HOA board members

Do you ever wonder why you spend so much time managing your management company?
Think about it? How much time do you spend each month with your "Board Memeber" hat on? How much of that time do you spend as the "middle-man" between the home owners, vendors and management company? Why is it so difficult to get your manager on the phone? And why are you reminding your manager to do things on their "to do" list anyway? Aren't YOU paying THEM? Deep in your heart, you KNOW there's got to be a better way

The Sad TRUTH: Your management company doesn't care about your property like you care about your property -- it's not THEIR property. It's not THEIR reserve fund. It's not THEIR neighbors. You understand that efficient issues resolution will help you protect your property and investment. You understand the peace of mind you get from being organized. Does your property management company manage your property like THEY understand?

Do you ever ask your management company "What happened?" or "Why is this taking so long?"
Does you management company know if your roof still under warranty? Is there an easy identifiable record of who did your landscaping in 1998? Is your management company tracking utility and insurance costs or are they simply paying what's billed? It's YOUR information -- why does your management company file this important historical information in their back room where you can't find it

Do you ever wonder why your management company doesn't provide you with a better system of accountability? Do they WANT a better system? Do they WANT you to be able to track issues with YOUR property? No. Don't take my word for it, ask them about on-line issue tracking from and watch them squirm. Don't be surprised if they act like Gnosio is a problem and not a solution!

HERE is what Homeowners get with Gnosio
Home owners get accountability on service they request. Their service request gets logged into the system, a specific tracking number is assigned to each request, and the homeowner gets a Gnosio account to track the progress of each request. New information is posted onto the tracker as progress is made. Homeowners have 24-hour access to this updated information on all steps being taken regarding their issue. Each log of new information is time stamped and becomes a permanent record of what happened on each and every issue on your property.

HERE is what Board Members get with Gnosio
Reports and details about each service request concerning the property are posted on the web for Board Members only. Board Members then have real-time access to all of the information that is going on about everything on your property any time. Board Members save time at board meetings because the information is not being reported there, the report is always a living, breathing click away.

Nothing gets lost in the shuffle, swept to the side or falls between the cracks. When a deadline is set on any given service request, Gnosio reminds the Property Manager with an alert that these deadlines are looming. No more excuses. Nobody to blame. Gnosio doesn't forget.

HERE is what Property Managers get with Gnosio
Your manager gets to stay organized. This benefits all involved. Staying organized helps them from letting routine tasks become important emergencies. Your property manager gets to use Gnosio to manage all the properties they manage. With fewer emergencies, your manager will be able to devote more time to you and your property.

Finally, you've found real-time on-line ACCOUNTABILITY. Best of all, it's FREE to Board Members of HOAs That's right -- when your property management company signs up for a "powered by Gnosio" account -- they pay as little as $14 per month for your ticket tracker, and it's free for you!

Here's what to do get Gnosio now!
Tell your property management company to sign up right now! Then send an email to "" to let us know that you did -- tell us whom you contacted at your management company and we will follow up quickly.

We like helping property management companies to become accountable. So ask them for Gnosio right now! For more information about gnosio, click on the link below or call this number now: 415-284-0569

Gnosio -- Stay in the Know

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