Eric Wolfram's Business: Gnosio for Property Management Company Owners

What are the Benefits of Gnosio?

You get new customers because Home Owner Associations want a system of accountability and you satisfy your customers by giving them what they want. Next, you start getting referrals because people talk about the excellent service that Gnosio helps you provide. By the time you pitch a prospective customer, you walk away with the new business because the board members have heard about on-line tracking and they won't settle for less!

You make money with Gnosio because you get the overview and reports that help you confidently raise your rates on the associations that take up most of your staff's time. And you have clear evidence on exactly which associations do just that, and to what extent they do that. Your top level of access to all issues with property that you manage helps you make sound business decisions based on facts. No more guess work.

You save money because you see which of your staff is most effective and you get to reward the managers who are most effective. You get to find out which managers need more help and which managers need to move on. How many people answer your phones? Three or four? Because the difference is $40,000 a year and Gnosio will help you know exactly how many you need and Gnosio will help you reduce that number. And you save money because other property management companies are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for software that doesn't even have the on-line issue tracking that your customers demand. Gnosio works with your current software and procedures

You retain customers because you provide customers with something that other management companies lack. On-line tracking.

You get lower staff turnover because managers don't burn out when they organize with Gnosio. Their board meetings are shorter and they don't to do a "todo" list every month because Gnosio IS their todo list and the board members and home owners type it! If a manager does leave, for whatever reason, the "to do" lists stays organized on Gnosio and seamless transitions keeps your customers satisfied with you.

What You Get when you sign up:

Instant Service
Our setup takes less then a week and we never need to install anything at your office. Gnosio is safe and secure, outside your firewall, and we make your data available for you to download to your office (for safe keeping) often as you want it.

Continued Training
The first month, we go to your offices to train each and every person on your staff -- up to four full days or as long as it takes. Each month after that, we arrive at your offices to continue training, to answer questions and to help new staff get up to speed. Furthermore, we are available to help your staff over the phone or by email every day of the year. Finally, you can request special training or incentive programs, and we'll always be there to help your staff and customers use Gnosio.

Helpful Improvements
Our customers request changes or customizations to Gnosio -- and we try to quickly provide custom solutions for free. We WANT to integrate our system with your existing software systems and procedures -- whatever they may be. This custom development is covered by your monthly fee -- there are no hidden or additional charges.

Easy to Start:

First, pick a levels of service:

Starter 10 ticket trackers for up to 10 HOAs $500/month plus setup fee
Next Step 20 ticket trackers for up to 20 HOAs $900/month plus setup fee
Growing Fast 100 ticket trackers for up to 100 HOAs $1,400/month plus setup fee
Big Boy 200 ticket trackers for up to 200 HOAs $2,200/month plus setup fee
One time setup fee is $2,900

Second, print our service agreement, fill it out, and send it to us.

Our service agreement is here: or call us now and we'll send you one right away. 415-284-0569

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