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Mesh Fruit Bags and Recycle!

recycle these mesh bags I eat oranges every day. I juice oranges too. I end up with extra mesh bags, the type of bags the oranges come in. What is an orange bag? It's a mesh bag made of some kind of petroleum product or plastic nylon. It is now one of my favorite things to keep out of the garbage.

Since I buy oranges directly from the farmers at the market, I previously returned the bags to the farmers with hopes that the farmers would recycle them. For years, I did just that.

Then one day, Kate used one of the mesh bags, which I was keeping to return. We were cleaning and she put all my batteries in a bag and hung it above my work desk. I have a lot of batteries that I used to keep in a drawer. Now they're in the mesh bag and I can easily see which battery I need before I open the bag. And because the bag is strong, it holds many batteries.

Still, it took a few months before I had a true Eureka moment. One day, I used a small orange bag to take a jar full of change to the change counting machine at Bell Market. It worked great! Again, it was strong enough for pounds of change, it had a tie off so it wouldn't spill in the car, and I could see the nail and the Canadian change before I put that stuff in the counter.

Next, I used a big mesh bag to take my Frisbee, Nurf foot ball, Hacky sack, sunscreen, comb and juggling pins to the beach! Afterwards, I easily rinsed the sand with a hose before putting that stuff in the car.

One day I was at a SCUBA diving shop and I saw a small mesh bag ON SALE for $29.95! Eureka! These mesh bags have value! I started using them everywhere.

recycle these mesh bags I used a bunch of orange bags to organize my cables. I am a self admitted technophile, so I have ample superfluous cables from computers, DV editing, stereo, telephone equipment, sound and music gear. I have 3/4 inch cables with RCA outs, and mini-jack cables with 3/4 inch outs. I have SCSI ribbon cables, power supplies, transformers, speaker wire, and telephone wire. You get the picture? Formerly, all those cables were stored in one big tub and even though I tried to stay organized by coiling each cable and tying them off with a twisty; I almost always eventually ended up with one giant clusterfuck of cable.

Now, each cable is still tied off, but each type of cable is stored in different color mesh bags and all of the bags are stored in the same clear tub. It's fantastic because I now see which cable I want before I even open the tub. And none of the bags cost me money -- zero -- they were free! And I don't know how I survived with my sanity before I started using these bags!

Other people have told me that they use the bags to hang tub toys when bath time is over. The toys drip dry and they are in one place for next time. Do you use them? Tell me how

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